Costume :Lala Satalin Deviluke
Variant :Summer Uniform
Source :To Love-Ru
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo October 2012

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Costume Information

Cost : £115 - £120
Time Taken : 16 - 17 hrs

I want to do this cosplay because Lala's my favourite character of To LOVE-Ru and I also really like the summer uniforms because I love sleeveless jumpers.

Officially started 21/06/2012 when I bought threads and other haberdashery for this cosplay.

The easiest parts of the costplay were the socks, shirt, and shoes as they were bought as they are/re-used from previous cosplay.

The hardest part was the skirt as it had another layer on the back, and the stripes didn't come out how I wanted after pleating as I couldn't predict how it would go.

My favourite part is the styled wig.

My least favourite part is the jumper as I think I got 1 size too big.

It was a good cosplay to wear and was really comfortable. To improve it I would re-position the tail better as I haven't got it very well in the shots I have.

The pink wig was bought from eBay seller mafeier194. I had to do a lot of de-tangling on it due to a fault at my part. Then I trimmed the frindge while wearing it and also the bangs coming down the front. The back was also trimmed to keep it neat. I then styled the curl on the top using a method found in Cosplay Gen that uses a hairdryer, Got2Be spray and gel.

The peke hair clip was made out of Fimo basic modelling clay and the eyes were drawn on with black marker. Then that was glued on to the wig with Bostik all purpose adhesive.

The shirt was bought from eBay seller elegance1234.

The bow was made by cutting 4 rectangular shapes out of turquoise fabric. The pieces were hemmed except the main bow piece which was made out of two rectangles sewn together and stuffed slightly. I then assembled the bow together by wrapping the bow and tail with the middle piece, and then threading the band through the back. I used small pieces of velcro to secure the bands round the bow and my neck.

The yellow sleeveless jumper was bought from, and I used a red fabric pen to draw on the thin red lines.

The skirt was made by cutting out 2 rectangles of fabric for the main part, and 1 long rectangle for the waistband. I used masking tape to aid me in painting the light green stripes on one piece. I then sewed the two rectangles together to hide the mess on the back. Then I continued the tutorial by Elpheal here (

The socks I already own.

The shoes are from my Kyo cosplay.

The tail was bought from Miss_Mimi.


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To-Do List

Pink WigHighComplete
Peke Hair-ClipHighComplete
White ShirtHighComplete
Green BowHighComplete
Long Black SocksHighComplete
Brown ShoesMediumComplete


Skirt Finished; Costume Finished (Posted 4th September 2012)

I sewed together the two main rectangles of skirt to make the main piece, which hid the mess on the back of the fabric from painting. I then made the skirt using Elpheal's tutorial here (

Had to alter the belt on the tail I bought from Miss_Mimi as I had to pierce another hole in to keep it round my waist. Then did a test wear of the costume to make sure I'm happy with how it's all come out, and I am!

Skirt Progress (Posted 23rd August 2012)

The painting on the design is finished, so next will be sewing together and pleating to make it into a skirt.

Skirt Started (Posted 21st August 2012)

I've cut out 3 rectangles from green fabric; one for the waistband, and two for the main body. Using masking tape and green fabric paint I've started painting on the design. Work on this will be on hold for now as I don't have enough paint.

Wig Finished (Posted 19th August 2012)

I styled the curl on the top of the wig using a method found in Cosplay Gen that uses a hairdryer, Got2Be spray and gel, and I'm very happy with the result!

Then the Peke hair clip was glued on with Bostik all purpose adhesive and also stays on pretty well!

Wig Started (Posted 11th August 2012)

I bought the pink wig from eBay seller mafeier194. Unfortunately I tangled it in my haste to try it on so I had to comb through it and trim it to get it back straight again.

I've trimmed the fringe and the bangs into the right style and length, so next is to style the curl on the top, which I've prepared with a bobby pin.

Jumper Finished (Posted 6th August 2012)

I bought a yellow sleeveless jumper from, then I used springinstep's red fabric pen to draw on the red lines, which I think is much easier than using fabric paint for a thin design.

Peke Hair Clip Progress (Posted 26th July 2012)

The design's been drawn on with black marker. I didn't paint over the clay since it came out white enough anyway.

Next will be securing it to the wig when I've finished styling it.

Peke Hair Clip Progress (Posted 14th July 2012)

The first one came out a bit too big and heavy. I've moulded a second one which is a lot more smaller, rounder, and flatter.

Bow Finished (Posted 13th July 2012)

I hemmed all the pieces of the fabric, and stuffed the bow slightly before sealing it. I then assembled the bow together by wrapping the middle piece round the bow and tail pieces and threaded the neck band through the back. The bands are secured with small pieces of velcro.

Bow Started (Posted 8th July 2012)

Got some turquoise fabric and four different pieces have been cut out, ready to be hemmed and sewn together into a bow.

Peke Hair Clip Started (Posted 8th July 2012)

I'm using air-drying Fimo clay and I've moulded out the main shape, so it'll take a day to dry then I can paint on the design.

Bought Items Acquired (Posted 2nd July 2012)

Three items of the costume that won't need modifying:-

Black socks I already own.

Brown shoes being used from my Kyo cosplay.

White shirt bought from eBay seller elegance1234.