Costume :Princess Nuala
Variant :Blue dress
Source :Hellboy II: The Golden Army
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London Film and Comic Con 2009

Costume Photos


Nuala & Abe

Give me your hand...

World, here we come.

Princess Nuala makeup test


Costume Information

Cost : about £50
Awards : First place in the LFCC saturday masq
Time Taken : 3 days

Worn at LFCC 2009.


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Creepy-awesome 8D

by stripey_dani on Saturday, 16 May, 2009 - 19:53
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Wow the make-up test looks so awesome so far :O

by Littlegeeky on Saturday, 16 May, 2009 - 23:34
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Woot! Love the progress so far. Which day at LFCC are you planning to wear Nuala? I'll be wearing my Nuada on sat (possibly for the comp) and would love a pic with you.

by Sephirayne on Monday, 29 June, 2009 - 21:52
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Excellent cosplay. Great to meet you and the rest of your group. Congrats on you group for winning 1st place in the sat comp at LFCC.

Thanks for letting me pose with you guys. I hope I didn't scare you too much when I went into character fro the twin photos. Lol!

I do have the original of the twin shot if you would like it. Just pm me where to send it if your interested.


by Sephirayne on Monday, 20 July, 2009 - 18:15
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Fantastic work, I love how you've done this! You look so elegant. I was very pleased to meet you at london expo, though you were Harley at the time. I helped glue your boots in the masquerade queue. XD


by KhaosKreator on Tuesday, 24 November, 2009 - 14:43
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Awesome group cosplay!
Congrats on your awards Holli.

by Ranma1-2 on Tuesday, 24 November, 2009 - 16:25
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Wow *o* this is just amazing!!!

by Littlegeeky on Sunday, 25 April, 2010 - 00:26
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Your so radical! sickeningly Good! XD

by Captain_Marvelous on Sunday, 25 April, 2010 - 11:03
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wow thankyou everyone for the lovely comments; it was difficult to make; but i had help ; takes alot of time and effort =3

by Holli on Sunday, 25 April, 2010 - 20:58
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You look just like her o.o;
scary stuff, but brilliant! <3

by cowiee on Tuesday, 13 July, 2010 - 23:43
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Amazing work! you look just like her! id love to try and make this costume! :) x

by Louscious on Thursday, 23 February, 2012 - 19:56
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This looks amazing :D

by BabemRoze on Thursday, 1 March, 2012 - 15:15
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this is just ridiculously awesome! frigging beautiful!! <3

by PaperTiger on Thursday, 1 March, 2012 - 15:18