Costume :Kate Bishop
Variant :Ballgown
Source :Hawkeye - My Life As A Weapon Comics
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :MCM London Comic Con October 2014

Costume Photos

Dress Finished Minus Detail

The Ballgown - Minus Zip 1

The Ballgown - Minus Zip


Skirt Lining with Netting

Skirt Lining

Bodice WIP

Start of the Bodice


Costume Information

Cost : £35
Time Taken : 20 hours

I am going to a Summer Ball, and as someone who has never really gone to one, I wanted to do something for it, almost go all out. So the month before it was to happen, as a really stupid person with ideas, I thought to myself... Why not make my own ballgown for it. Now I thought about it long and hard and realised that I wouldn't be able to make it until the week of the Ball, because of pay etc. So I hoped that I would be able to afford the material and get it here in time. I bought the pattern and ordered the material a week before the ball, and it arrived on the Monday. I knew it would be a challenge, and I have got it basically finished in 2 days and 2 nights. Handsewn the whole thing, staying up till 4 in the morning two days before the Ball to get it done. I am extremely proud of it, because it was my first attempt, and a BIG project for me. I have a few bits left to do to it, like add the black details. But the basic purple dress is finished. :)

I might wear it one day, at a convention, because I think that I need to. It was a lot of hard work, and sleepless nights, and I think I should show people just how proud I am of it. :)


It looks absolutely beautiful! Well done - your hard work definitely paid off <3

by Niamh on Friday, 18 July, 2014 - 10:28
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Thank you so much. I still have a bit to do. But I am pleased with how it has come out. :)

by JJ-Cosplay on Monday, 21 July, 2014 - 14:19
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This is fantastic! :Dc

by HarryKurt on Saturday, 16 August, 2014 - 20:20
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Ahhhh :3 Thank you so much! :D It was a lot of hard work. :)

by JJ-Cosplay on Tuesday, 19 August, 2014 - 17:40

To-Do List

Buy Black SatinHighPlanned
Buy Black Silk PaintHighPlanned
Sew Black SatinHighPlanned
Paint Black PatternHighPlanned

Shopping List

Dress Lining£7.97Bought
Bodice Interlining£1.99Bought
Skirt Netting£6.25Bought
Main Dress Fabric£11.50Bought
White Gloves£1.08Bought
Black Silk Paint£6.75To Buy
Black Satin£1.65To Buy