Costume :Belle
Variant :Gown
Source :Disney's Beauty and the Beast
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Costume Information

This was actually my boyfriend Nic's idea :) I've resisted cosplaying Belle for two reasons. One, Belle is one of the most over cosplayed Disney characters, probably next to Ariel and more recently Elsa. Second, Belle's ball gown is very iconic and I've been so terrified of butchering the design. It's one of my favorite Disney princess gowns and as much as Belle is one of my favorite princesses, I've been scared to attempt her. :/

But my boyfriend Nic told me that he wanted to cosplay the Beast for our first convention we would attend together so I couldn't exactly turn the idea down. Plus I think I might have leveled up just enough in my sewing skills to attempt to tackle this so I figured...why not. I'm pulling all forms of media of Belle for this, researching the animation's color palette, the gown from the Broadway musical and mixing a little bit of the recent Disney park Belle in here but make sure it maintains the spirit of the original design :)


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