Costume :Michael Myers
Variant :Halloween (2007) Remake Michael Myers
Source :Halloween (2007) Remake
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Halloween (2007) remake Buried 2

Halloween (2007) remake kitchen knife

Remake Coveralls


Costume Information

Cost : 551 pounds
Time Taken : 3 months

I decided to add a new Michael Myers mask to my collection, needed the remake coveralls and mask. A limited edition buried 2 mask from dela torre, delighted with the end result, this will be used for Halloween 2015 when a few of us go to America next year.

Remake pieces
Remake Buried 2 mask - Dela Torre
Remake coveralls - Josh Ludemann aka (crazydog500) of beyond disgusting studious
Remake Kitchen Knife - Chris Christensen of Beyond disgusting studious
Boots - Ebay


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Looks amazing, incredibly accurate!!!

by MadlyScientific on Tuesday, 21 October, 2014 - 16:20

To-Do List

Remake Buried 2HighComplete
Remake coverallsHighComplete
Remake Kitchen knifeHighIn Progress
White TshirtLowComplete

Shopping List

Remake Buried 2£245.00Bought
Remake Kitchen knife£62.00Bought
Remake coveralls£153.00Bought
White Tshirt£1.00Bought


Remake Kitchen knife (Posted 15th June 2015)

Bought a new kitchen knife which will go well great with my remake costume, once it arrives? the costume is complete

bought myself new boots (Posted 28th October 2014)

Bought myself a pair of new Timberland boots, to give me that extra boost in height I hope, that the other ones failed to do

Costume was shipped (Posted 22nd September 2014)

My costume was shipped today, in just over a week this completes my remake and dream sequence costume

My Buried 2 Mask arrived today (Posted 9th September 2014)

My buried 2 mask arrived today, its a fantastic piece, pics will go up tomorrow when I have time. The costume is getting closer to finishing

Buried 2 shipped (Posted 1st September 2014)

My buried 2 was shipped out, should have it in 7 days. The costume is getting closer to complete now

Buried 2 completed (Posted 29th August 2014)

Delighted my B2 has been completed and ready to be shipped tomorrow, its been complicated because I am moving, unsure when to send it out as I had no idea when the mask will be completed. I should get it within 2 to 3 weeks

I am number 47

I Payed for the mask july 11th, mask finished august 29th, shipped September 1st

TOTS Kitchen knife (Posted 21st August 2014)

Decided to add a TOTS Kitchen knife to go with my remake costume and for Halloween

Coveralls Update (Posted 10th August 2014)

Crazydog500 messaged me he has completed the coveralls, waiting for the other pieces

Costume delay (Posted 3rd August 2014)

Updating it on this page, as it effects all 3 costumes.

The costume is going to be delayed by another month, got to send the jacket back to Josh, waiting on dela torre to ship the mask to Josh, as Josh is making the coveralls and he asked me could he delay finishing the coveralls, as hes got a few more orders to finish off. I am sending my current coveralls back to Josh, he will be selling them and paying me. So it will most likely be completed in august, and shipped to me in September.

Remake coveralls ordered (Posted 13th July 2014)

I got my remake coveralls ordered from Josh Ludemann aka crazydog500, payed half now for the coveralls, and paying the rest once its completed. It should be finished and shipped to me by august

Buried 2 from dela torre bought (Posted 11th July 2014)

I bought the buried 2 from dela, relieved its all payed for. I am just waiting for its arrive in a few weeks time