Costume :Yuuki Cross
Variant :Day class student
Source :Vampire Knight
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Day class in the night


On the lookout

Yuuki in the blue

The steps of the Cross Academy

From Above

Yuuki in the Yuki

Yuuki Cross

Prayer for Zero

Yuuki reference


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Costume Information

Cost : £47
Time Taken : Hours of searching

I absolutely adore the Day class uniforms at the Cross academy and I always wanted to make the uniforms someday but I thought it's not greatly nessecary since Vampire Knight cosplays are getting overdone! When my friend Tsuchinoko said we could do Yuuki and Zero as a joint cosplay, I agreed to do Yuuki for her. She may not be my most favourite character but I prefer the day class over the night class uniforms because black suits me more then white.

We don'thave a set date to debut these costumes, but probably not until 2011 since we are both tied up with loads of costume during 2010.

EDIT (07/01/2010) ~ I recieved my black pleated skirt through the post today which makes the costume complete. I feel so strange because all of my costumes are always last minute, also me and my friend are not due to debut our VK cosplays until whenever we are both not tied up and we are ALWAYS have so many characters which taken over the priority of Yuuki and Zero. The only reason why Yuuki was finished so early was because of myself not resisting the price of £20 for the jacket & shirt.

The only thing which is really accurate with this cosplay is the black jacket and white shirt. The pleats in the skirt is not 100% accurate, but it would be a back up until I can find something more accurate OR attempt to make the skirt.

Sadly, I don't think I will be buying new boots especially for this cosplay. I got no money and have too many boots. Besides, I don't see Yuuki as one of my major cosplays or a costume that I will re-wear loads of times. Hoping not many people will take too much notice as shoes are not the most important part of a cosplay. I'm debating whether to wear my Rinoa or Juliet boots? Both boots are at the same height above my ankle expect Rinoa boots are more accurate in terms of style, but Juliet boots are more accurate in terms of colour.

Finally I already own the long black socks from my MisaMisa and Tenma cosplay and the wig was brought from a random evening wear shop in Birmingham (totally forgot the name) for £17, which I had to cut because it was a tad bit too long.


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I love Yuki!!! Can't wait to see you cosplay her!

by Mousie on Friday, 8 January, 2010 - 04:12

Cool Yuuki, I wanna cosplay her

by Dark_Angel_15 on Thursday, 28 October, 2010 - 21:12
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Loving the photos!

by cowiee on Friday, 11 March, 2011 - 19:27

To-Do List

White shirtMediumComplete
WigMediumIn Progress


Wig (Posted 31st October 2009)

Whilst shopping today, by coincident I walked past an evening dress shop which had loads of natural wigs. All of the wigs were good quality at a fair price of £12-£25, so I decided to buy one for any of my future cosplays. The medium lenght brown wig caught my attention because I can use it for Yuuki or style it into a Sakura wig, though I am more tempted to use it for Yuuki as the wig is a little too thin to style.

Jacket and shirt (Posted 31st August 2009)

With great luck I brought this from the bring and buy for a very good price of £20. I was originally going to make this costume, but I can't complain about the price. Costume includes the skirt which is not shown in the photo as I gave it away to charity since it does not fit me. Seriously whoever was selling this costume is playing up because the skirt was a child size 7-8 year old. I bet she kept the original skirt and swapped it for a ridiculous tiny skirt. Nevertheless cosplay is still a good price as a lot of sellers quote £80+ and I can always make/buy a skirt for under £4.