Costume :Lum Invader/Ran-chan/Ryuunosuke Fujinami/Shinobu Miyake
Variant :Tomobiki High Gym Uniform
Source :Urusei Yatsura
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London Film and Comic Con 2014

Costume Photos

Selfie. lol.

In which Puds takes pictures of her own feet (again...)

Tomobiki High Gym Uniform Refs.


Costume Information

Cost : 2.99

I chuffin' love burumas, they are so comfy and cool when it's hot out. I also love cosplays that work for more than one character. I have wigs that would work for all of these characters so I can be whichever I choose.

The Tomobiki High Summer and Winter School Uniforms are also on my to-do-list. Urusei Yatsura is one of my favourite anime, probably a very close second to Sailor Moon.


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Invader Horns 3 (Posted 26th June 2014)

It took like 3 days in total from sculpt/start to glue-ing/finish because I kept having to wait for things to dry.

Invader Horns 2 (Posted 26th June 2014)

Then two more layers of yellow Barry M nail polish and we're almost done.

Invader Horns 1 (Posted 26th June 2014)

So, I dug out some random air-drying paper-clay (it's weird, it feels like hot, wet, paper-pulp) that I had kicking about and then sculpted Lum's horns with just my hands and made the grooves with a ball-point pen. Then I painted 1 layer of yellow Barry M nail polish over them as a base since I had some and saved me having to buy enamel paint (which is essentially the same thing fyi). For the grooves I used 1 layer of random el cheapo orange nail polish (pretty sure I got it free on a magazine ages ago) as I've seen people do it with black, lines, as that's how it's drawn, but I really think it would just be grooves with a bit of shading to stand out from a distance if translated into 3D from 2D.

Tomobiki High Gym Uniform Refs. (Posted 17th June 2014)