Costume :Nightwing
Variant :Fem!Nightwing
Source :Nightwing comic
Progress :Complete
Worn At :MCM Manchester Comic Con 2014

Costume Photos


Costume again


me and fem!ash ketchum

Image of my outfit (before the drinking commenced)

Rough sketch of the design


Costume Information

Cost : 58.00
Time Taken : 3 days

This is just a casual fem!nightwing that I'm doing for one of my uni's end of year extravs. The theme is superheroes/sci-fi/fantasy/videogames so of course I couldn't resist nerding out a teensy bit. Thought I'd add it to my costumes because why not?
So I've decided to wear this on the Sunday of Manchester Expo (which is the only day I can go to unfortunately) and will be hanging with my friends who'll be doing batman villains


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To-Do List

Wash wigMediumComplete
sew logo onto shirtMediumComplete
make pattern for the logoMediumComplete
Make leggings into shortsMediumComplete
make arm-warmer thingsLowComplete
make-up testLowPlanned

Shopping List

leggings (to be made into shorts)£3.50Bought
black vest £3.00Bought
black underbust corset£14.00Bought
short black wig£10.50Bought
thigh high stockings£6.99Bought
blue fabric£3.50Bought
black boots£16.99Bought