Makoto Tachibana
Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club

Cosplayer: Twistyprince

Variant: Swim team outfit

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

19th June 2014: Just a few things to do I just have to finish sewing the ribbon onto my swimming trouser..thingys and get some flip flops and Makoto will be all done ;u;

KuroNoire avatar

KuroNoire - 8th June 2014
I'm hoping to do Makoto too for MCM Manchester! :D

Twistyprince avatar

Twistyprince - 9th June 2014
: D what day are you cosplaying him~?

dan-dan avatar

dan-dan - 19th June 2014
you look just like him, awesome :D

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 19th June 2014
This is so good! Freakin' love this! Makoto <3

Twistyprince avatar

Twistyprince - 20th June 2014
(/u\) you're both too kind, thank you very much!!!

Panda123 avatar

Panda123 - 18th July 2014
Great cosplay! Hope I get to see you around on the Saturday! :)

HarryKurt avatar

HarryKurt - 18th August 2014
You suit him so well! *u*

Twistyprince avatar

Twistyprince - 19th August 2014
;u; thank you!