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Costume :Spartan
Source :300
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Spartan, studio shoot #2

This is Sparta!

Spartan, studio shoot

Spartan Warrior, 300

Female Spartan


Spartan, MCM London Expo

Spartan 300

Spartan Warrior



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Nice touch with the broken arrows, Amy. :)

by Ranma1-2 on Thursday, 26 June, 2014 - 22:08
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This is looking great. Really enjoyed seeing your progress.

by Sephirayne on Monday, 30 June, 2014 - 22:08
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The prop work on this looks amazing!

by InfiniteJester on Saturday, 5 July, 2014 - 20:15
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Great progress

by Leadmill on Monday, 7 July, 2014 - 08:52
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This looks stunning! Love the worn paint work :)

by Raye-chan on Saturday, 25 October, 2014 - 10:14
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This is so bad ass! Amazing! :D

by HarryKurt on Friday, 31 October, 2014 - 18:34


Helmet complete (Posted 23rd October 2014)

Finished the battle damage and weathering the helmet.

Details (Posted 12th October 2014)

Details, cloak brooch was bought.

Full length (Posted 12th October 2014)

Just have the helmet to complete. Will be using fake tan and dirt/blood on the day.

Greaves complete (Posted 12th October 2014)

Weathered and battle damaged with strips of leather pushed through slots in the worbla to fasten them with. Strips of foam were added around the inside edges and down the centre for comfort and to prevent them rubbing against the sandals worn underneath.

Sheath progress (Posted 12th October 2014)

Using the sword prop as a guide, I made a sheath from faux leather. Added a belt loop, straps reaching from the belt with press studs to the main piece and stud detail on the front. It was then weathered and aged.

Cloak progress (Posted 12th October 2014)

I attached a strip of fabric in the center of the cloak to create the drape, trimmed off the excess and attached it to the square section of harness. This then folds on itself, in the inside so that the fabric hangs and drapes off of the back.
I weathered the bottom edge using fabric spray and ash effects.
The cloak will fasten with a large safety pin where the cloak ends will gather around the shoulders - with the cloak clasp fastened on top and to the harness at the front.

Greaves progress (Posted 7th September 2014)

Usual paper pattern method, took me awhile to get the correct shape using only piece of worbla. Added the detail on the front, will pad the inside/edges before painting. Will be fastened with leather ties.

Helmet progress (Posted 30th August 2014)

I cut away the back part and added the correct rim with worbla, padded the inside so that it sit's straight when worn, covered the plastic decoration parts on the front with thin card to help attach the first layer of worbla smoothly and hide the holes in the plastic over the top.
I'll be adding foam pieces on top of the first worbla layer seen pegged on here, heat forming the foam at the front to get that edge down the centre and nose, before I sandwich the foam with a final outer layer of worbla to get a good thickness.

Spear complete (Posted 27th August 2014)

I added a wood grain effect to the metal pole. I needed something that would be easy to transport/store and adjust for when I'm outside/inside and to look the correct scale for my height. It's not fully extended here in the photo's!
I also added a weathered strip of faux leather near the centre of the pole for the grip.

Spartan helmet progress (Posted 27th August 2014)

I needed to make a helmet from scratch because I need something light and small - rather than the replica's that will only fit a guy. Using a plastic costume one as a base to modify with worbla. Here's my basic template and the wood grain effect I added to my spear.

Spear ends (Posted 5th July 2014)

I used wooden curtain rail ends, cut them down and sanded into shape. I made a worbla tube similar to the one that attaches the spearhead and glued the pieces together.
Spray painted and added blood splatter detail.

Cloak harness complete (Posted 5th July 2014)

Made from faux leather. I made a paper template first and sandwiched foam pieces in between the leather. Added stitch details to the fabric and split pins to the front to attach the main straps (with a piece to cover the sharp edges on the back).
The main harness was a 'D' shape with loop straps attached at the back - that the main front straps loop through and fasten with press studs.
I used leather spray paint to weather the fabric.

Shield and Bracers complete (Posted 5th July 2014)

Added a black wash and blood splatter to the bracers.

Shield progress (Posted 5th July 2014)

Added the 'V' detail with cardboard covered with foam and sealed it with PVA. Spray painted gold and added a black wash to the details and blood splatters.

Bracers (Posted 28th June 2014)

Made a paper template first before using foam between worbla and adding strips of foam for the detail. Primed/painted and added battle damage and detail with rub n buff.

Spartan 'clothing' (Posted 28th June 2014)

I went with a halter neck bra and leather hot pants with a headband hair piece. Will be fake tanning for this and adding dirt/blood.

Shield progress (Posted 26th June 2014)

I added battle damage and drilled holes which will hold the pieces of dowling for a couple of photos. Added paper mache around the holes to create the metal indentations of being pierced with arrows and sealed the holes at the back made by the dremel.
Almost ready for priming/paint.

Spearhead progress (Posted 26th June 2014)

Using a paper template, I used foam between pieces of worbla as the main section, with scoured worbla pieces glued down the sides to make it 3D. I made a tube that fits onto the end of the pole I'll be using and attached the spearhead to the tube, sanded it down before painting and adding blood effects.

Shield progress (Posted 20th June 2014)

The facebook 300 group has proved to be helpful with resources and tutorials etc.
I used this shield tutorial:

I bought a flying saucer sledge, cut the outer curved edge and handels away using a dremel, sanded them and recycled the huge box it was packaged in by cutting an outer rim from the cardboard and taping it into place.
I recycled belt straps as the handles, drilling holes through to attach with plastic bolts. The handle on the right being smaller to grab hold of, with the other strap big enough to put my arm through but taking into consideration I'll also be wearing bracers.
I started to add a layer of paper mache over the front first, then I'll add more to the sides and back, add the 'V' detail and seal with PVA.
This ideally needed to be light weight, it's not the exact size it should be, but is easier to carry/transport and doesn't look out of proportion for me.

Basics (Posted 4th June 2014)

I'm not going to have too much time to put this together, so I'm buying props and bits to modify as much as a I can.
I bought linen for the cape, liked the slightly deeper shade rather than the solid red colour - will need a harness made to wear it and a brooch.
I've bought a cheap costume helmet to modify with worbla - I figured this would work easier as a base and would be mean I could make sure it fitted my small head perfectly, and it's light!
I've bought an adjustable curtain shower rod, that will need the smooth surface sanding before painting. My main concern was storage/travel and height issues at cons - with this one I will be able to adjust it to any length easily when I need to. Need the ends being made and added.
Bought sandals and a cheap replica sword, which will need a paint job to make it look better. Sheath and belt will need to be made for it.
Greaves/bracers will be made from worbla/foam/leather straps.
Bikini - planned to me made from faux leather.