Lady Bahamut

Costume :Emil Castagnier
Source :Tales of Symphonia 2 Dawn of the New World
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Trouser progress

Gloves at 50%

Ref 3

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I'm not even sorry |D

For May Expo 2015!


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I am so excited to see this! <3 You're gonna rock him~!

by KiraraYumi on Sunday, 10 August, 2014 - 09:53

To-Do List

Make trousersHighIn Progress
Make topHighPlanned
Make top patternHighPlanned
Style wigHighPlanned
GlovesMediumIn Progress
Yellow trouser detailsMediumPlanned
Buy wigMediumPlanned

Shopping List

Black invisible zip£0.50Bought
Yellow cotton x2 meters£17.00Bought
A0 foam board£8.40Bought
Royal Blue cotton x2 meters£14.50Bought
Black lining x4 meters£8.00Bought
Black cotton drill x2 meters£7.98Bought
Black cotton x2 meters£4.00Bought
Shoes to alter£0.00To Buy
Sword materials£0.00To Buy
Wig£0.00To Buy
Blue invisible zip£0.00To Buy


Fabric shopping (Posted 5th November 2014)

Slowly starting up progress for Emil now. Today I went fabric shopping in Bristol! Brought cotton drill for the trousers, cotton for the bias on the tunic and black lining for the tunic and trousers.

I've been having a debate since I printed off some references yesterday as to whether Emil's tunic was royal blue or a purpley-blue. It printed out as blue but looks purpley-blue on my computer screen. I asked others as to what they saw it as but got divided replies! After I got back from Bristol I loaded up the game to see what it was on there: It was blue! Since the game IS the source material, I can't go wrong following it XD

Planning for once! (Posted 7th September 2014)

Yeah, I've not really made a start on this yet! ^^; I'm still getting used to my new job. But I think this will be how I work the strap system. I know usually I will make these things as workable as I can (in which I mean if it looks like it should be functional I will make it so it is) but in this case sadly I don't think it's possible!