Costume :Itachi Uchiha
Variant :Random Casual?
Source :Naruto [Yes, another one]
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Fuyucon 2007

Costume Photos


Costume Information

Cost : £5 for the wig, everything else I had

I wore this at Fuyu to go with my friends Naruto costumes. It was a trial run for the Akatsuki version ^ ^;;; basically it was a pair of TaiChi trousers, a v-neck t-shirt, sandals and the wig, which I styled myself (if you call putting it in a pony tail and cutting the bangs badly 'styling') The bangs need a bit of feathering, and I need a headband with a smaller forehead plate ^ ^;;;

I got mistaken for Sasuke a couple of times ^ ^ and I got to do weird random stuff with Tobi and Deidara cosplayers lol


I'm thinking of retireing this soon, but any pictures of this costume will probably be put on my akatsuki Itachi costume.


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