Costume :Jason Voorhees
Variant :Friday the 13th (2009) costume
Source :Friday the 13th (2009) costume
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Exposed hock from the comics

The design of the hockey mask


Costume Information

Cost : 659 pounds
Time Taken : 3 years

This is the final stage of Jason - The trilogy of Freddy VS Jason reaches the climax, with ash coming into this rivalry between freddy and Jason. In the sequel to Freddy VS Jason, ash would also fight both Jason and Freddy, and the shot gun would see the half of the hockey mask completely destroyed. This mask would not be used until the third story, showing all the markings of what the hock has been through, and exposing a quarter of Jason's face but showing mostly his mouth

Info on the pieces
Exposed Hockey mask - John C jerrell lll of facebook
Undermask - Jeremy Bohr
Jacket and undershirt - josh ludemann aka (crazydog 500)
Machete - Trick R Treat Studious
Holster - David Ferrari of robin and magpie leather on Facebook
Reins - Ebay
Trousers - Jim Ingram lll of facebook


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this is awesome XD

by Ranmaru cosplays on Monday, 14 July, 2014 - 16:33

To-Do List

Jacket undershirt belt and trousersHighComplete
Exposed Hockey maskHighIn Progress

Shopping List

Exposed Hockey mask£78.00Bought
Clothing £237.00Bought


Mask payed repainted and shipped out (Posted 20th November 2015)

Mask has been payed, repainted and shipped out, once it arrives it completes my costume, and my Friday the 13th collection

Boots/shoes arrived (Posted 4th September 2015)

The shoes arrived today, delighted with what they give my costume

Boots/shoes shipped out (Posted 1st September 2015)

They were shipped out tuesday, should have them friday or next monday

Boots/shoes bought (Posted 31st August 2015)

I bought a pair of new shoes, if they work give me the right height, do not hurt my feet, found the perfect pair

Getting the hockey masks taken back (Posted 15th August 2015)

I am getting the 2 hockey masks taken back, so all 4 hocks have that same continuity factor

Machete arrived today (Posted 16th July 2015)

My machete arrived today, which finishes off the costume

Machete payed for and shipped (Posted 15th July 2015)

New Machete payed for, and was shipped today, should have it tomorrow and that completes the costume for good

Jacket and exposed hockey mask arrived (Posted 27th May 2015)

My jacket and exposed hock arrived, almost completing the costume, just need a new machete

Exposed and battle damaged hocks finished (Posted 5th May 2015)

Exposed and battle damaged hockey masks finished and shipped to the artist, who is finishing my hockey mask, and then the costume gets shipped to me all finished

Undermask arrived today (Posted 14th April 2015)

My new undermask arrived today, fully delighted with it

Costume getting a overhaul (Posted 3rd April 2015)

The costume getting a bit of a overhaul, new hockey mask, new under mask, new jacket and machete

Bought new boots (Posted 28th October 2014)

Bought a pair of timberland boots, much nicer to wear and a great lift in height