Costume :Kaylee Frye
Variant :Overalls
Source :Firefly
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

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The product of a love for firefly and a need for a comfy transportable floor costume. I can vouch this is the most comfortable lounging wear :)

I initially got it recognisable for MinamiCon 20 and later took the time to do it properly, which gave me a chance to try out a few new techniques like embroidery and nail art.


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awesome :D

by dan-dan on Monday, 14 July, 2014 - 22:22
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Ah, this is great! You look so cool~ You really suit Kaylee <3

by yuubalu on Tuesday, 15 July, 2014 - 01:40
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You look fantastic.

by Sephirayne on Wednesday, 16 July, 2014 - 14:28


Shiny! (Posted 21st May 2014)

Final step was to get a bit of engine grease on everything! Fun and messy; I put the costume on, put black acrylic paint on my hands and wiped it off wherever you would when working. Hands in pockets, down the front and on the hips/thighs, then I added a little over the patches to make them look more worn in.

It was very unlikely I'd find one of her actual tops, so I decided on the guidelines of a busy pattern with a minimum of 3 colours and no black. Turns out is very hard to find long sleeve tops that don't have black as a base, but I finally found this beaut on eBay for less than a tenner with the term 'bodycon'.

Necklace (Posted 20th May 2014)

The bead was sculpted from rose quartz effect Fimo. I'm so impressed with the new textures you can get these days it really does look convincing.
To paint the pattern on I decided to use nail polish as it sticks to Fimo without reacting and won't need sealing, you can also cleanly peel off any mistakes while it's still setting.
After an awful first attempt I watched some nail art videos on youtube and found it's more about dabbing than brushing. I dug out a ballpoint tool and did the flowers as a group of four dots and then used the side of a pin to lay down the branches before tidying up the edges by scratching the polish away with the pin point.

Lighting (Posted 19th May 2014)

Oh my goodness, all these photos are of the same fabric and every image looks a different colour! The power of lighting, folks.

Embroidery (Posted 18th May 2014)

The flower is clearly some kind of embroidered patch, but between image quality and the engineer grime you can't make out much detail. I've not done any embroidery before so I got up a google image of different stitches and picked one that resembled a tiny part of the reference and filled space effectively - chain stitch.
Started by drawing out the layout with a tailors pencil, did the initial dark blue outline and then filled with lines of chain stitch until it was full. The very centre was a french loop. It was easy but slow work; this took several hours and it's tiny.
Finally, to make it look more worn in I brushed it over with sandpaper to fluff up the neat new threads.

Graffiti (Posted 17th May 2014)

There are lots of helpful sites discussing the Chinese characters on her overalls, so I used those and one reference where the characters on the right thigh are clearly styled as thin horizontal lines and thick vertical lines as my guide.
I used a tailors pencil to mark out placement and size before drawing them on properly with a chisel tip black fabric pen. Once they were all on I went over them with sandpaper to fade the black down to an older worn-in look (see right of image for pre vs post sanding).

Adding the Pocket (Posted 15th May 2014)

I had a sleeve put aside as spare fabric for the pocket, luckily I realised I could use the sleeve seam as a ready made front to the pocket. This made the pocket really as simple as cutting out a rectangle and pinning it to the overalls with all the edges folded under.

Once it was on I took the trusty sandpaper to the new edges.

Armholes (Posted 13th May 2014)

The overalls were so much wider than my shoulders I had to reshape the armholes.
I then took a pattern of the new shape onto paper and cut two facings out of one of the removed sleeves. Sew these to the outside of the overalls and flip them to the inside for neat curved edges.

Adjustments (Posted 9th May 2014)

A good side to the overalls being too big is that there was room for me to add the two waist darts in the front. The rest of the excess I removed from the centre front when I put the zip in.
It was pretty easy adding the zip until the crotch as it was built for a button overlap rather than a central zip. I sewed most of the way down and then pinned the zip in place where it best merged into the overlap before top stitching it down.
I kept the button flap facings to cover the zip on the inside as she has the collar folded back so far.

Taking material out of the front made the collar run right up to the zip and it was far too big anyway, so I unpicked that and shortened it up.

Finally I sewed the waist band back down securing the pockets and leaving a centre gap.

Patches (Posted 2nd March 2014)

I used felt sheets to make the patches and backed them with heat n' bond which was handy to keep them in place while sewing them to the overalls.
The details on the bear patch are drawn with permanent markers.
The flower was a quick placeholder; it's layered blue felt with a gold stud in the centre.

Overalls (Posted 23rd February 2014)

Ordered the renowned Dutch military overalls from eBay as my base.
I asked the seller for sizing advice as these things are unisex sized by chest/height and I have hips. I suspect they just gave me a size that would definitely be big enough rather than measuring any stock as it's huge on me.
There are listings for new and used military overalls and I picked used ones as it saves me a lot of time artificially ageing them. The fabric is nicely faded and the seams have been worn down already, I'll only need to sand down new edges I add.

I'll take off the sleeves, epaulettes and button front which I can use as spare fabric. Then I'll need to add the darts, pocket, zipper front and generally tweak the size to make it fit me better.