Costume :Wonder Woman
Variant :Hanie Mohd Artwork
Source :Wonder Woman
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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I've never seen this design before but I really like it. I bet your going to make this look fabulous c: hope to see it soon.

by Chibinoodle on Saturday, 26 April, 2014 - 23:33
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I can imagine that this will be beautiful, can't wait to see the progress!!

by HououinKyouma on Sunday, 27 April, 2014 - 09:28
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this'll be interesting

by ChibiMatsu on Sunday, 27 April, 2014 - 12:35
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Aaah I can't wait to see this! It looks like an awesome design and I can't wait to see you bring it to life (:

by jessliekspie on Saturday, 3 May, 2014 - 14:24
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A fantasic costume which i think will look fantastic once its done so im looking forward to it :)

by Mothfox on Sunday, 11 May, 2014 - 20:51