Costume :Spooky Boogie
Source :Psycho-Pass
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Spooky Boogie Ref!



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Be great to see this!

by InfiniteJester on Monday, 11 August, 2014 - 19:22

To-Do List

Find a good, decent-priced sewing machineMediumPlanned
Make heart on eyepatch and add an extra strapLowPlanned

Shopping List

Base eyepatch£0.00Bought
Purple mascara£0.00Bought
Purple/pink eyeliner £1.00To Buy
Purple/pink belt£4.00To Buy
Black fake nails£2.00To Buy
White wig£10.50To Buy
Purple/pink shoes£5.00To Buy
Purple/pink tights£2.00To Buy
Green/turquoise material£0.00To Buy
Sewing machine£0.00To Buy


Spooky Boogie! (Posted 25th April 2014)

Okay, so, I will be making the entire cosplay outfit myself. Although I am leaving this cosplay as a project for the summer, I will need to think about buying a sewing machine to stitch together the outfit. I have friends and relatives that have sewing machines but I've been thinking about buying one for awhile now which means I may be able to do more self-made cosplays :3

Can't wait to do this over the summer!!!