Costume :Kiyoko Shimizu
Variant :Colour Manager Casuals
Source :Haikyuu!!
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :London MCM Expo Comic Con May 2014

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To be honest I don't think she's shown much personality in the manga and of the girls I prefer Yachi and Yui but I have someone willing to do Yachi with me and I'm older/taller so blah.

Still can't make up my mind on who to cosplay of the boys. I want to cosplay Kageyama because Heather dragged me into this manga and wants to do Hinata But I really like various aspects of Asahi, Sugawara and Tsukishima. I like Daichi too but I don't think I've seen much from him, at least compared to the other team members.

I think one my favourite scenes was when Tsuki was dragged into training with Bokuto and Kuroo (who I also want to cosplay).

Tempted to cosplay Oikawa too. Just because he's such an apologetic jerk XD Poor Tobio.


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