Costume :Haru
Variant :End Credits variant- Arabian
Source :Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo Comic Con May 2014

Costume Photos

necklace pendant (cos its so pretty)

necklace (not canon but idgaf)

Picture of me on the way to the con


Obligatory mirror selfie

Obligatory mirror selfie

Make up and head stuff

Completed pants

Costume diagram from google

End credits reference


Costume Information

Cost : 40.00
Time Taken : 15 hours


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To-Do List

Cut out white fabric into strips and hem!HighPlanned
cut out the cumberbund fabric and paint design on!HighPlanned
learn how to tie a turban!HighPlanned
Make scarfMediumPlanned
make the hat thing that goes under the turbanMediumPlanned
sew the cummerbund fabric onto the cummerbundMediumPlanned
do a proper make up test for HaruLowPlanned

Shopping List

Black fabric for harem pants- 2m£5.00Bought
short black wig£11.50Bought
yellow bias binding for scarf detail- 2.5m£1.80Bought
wine red and gold cord- 1/2m£0.58Bought
navy blue cord- 2m£1.42Bought
make up- foundation, powder, bronzer, eyeliner£6.00Bought
gold bangles£1.00Bought
2 rings£2.00Bought
thick royal blue ribbon- 2m£1.28Bought
Black pumps (or blue if possible)£4.99Bought
Blue fabric for scarf and hat- 1m£4.00Bought
white fabric for shawl and turban- 2m£5.00Bought
gold armband£0.00To Buy
blue and green necklace£0.00To Buy


Finishing the Costume & Expo (Posted 26th May 2014)

So the costume was finally done in time! The scarf was the only thing that wasn't done before I left and after 2 and a half hours on the train it still wasn't done. This resulted in a late night sewing session with my amazing friend Jared and a very rushed scarf (hopefully no one noticed how messy the stitching was!)
Expo was amazing (despite being caught out in rain, hailstones and strong winds whilst wearing the outfit) and the Free! Meet on the saturday was amazing!!

Changes to the Plan (Posted 21st May 2014)

So I finally went home this weekend and hogged my mum's sewing machine and got the pants done! They're a little tight and constricting to walk in (due to the lack of give in the fabric) but they're DONE so I'm not complaining!
I let my mum have a nosey at the design and reference images and she advised that instead of having the gold belt I was desperately searching for to use a cummerbund instead. She even fetched me my dad's to try and I found it worked way better (and effectively keeps my trousers from slipping which is always good) so I intend to paint gold fabric and stitch it over the cummerbund.
In terms of jewellery: accurate jewellery was incredibly difficult to find so I opted to settle for stuff that was close enough and cheaper. The only exception to this is the necklace. I was searching through my jewellery box and happened across an old birthday present that I absolutely love. Its a black cord with gold and blue beads and a big thick pendant with a blue and gold swirling pattern. Its a bit gaudy but I suppose it can pass as unisex (it totally can't and I don't care). Its going under the shoulder wrap and scarf anyways so its not like anyone'll see it.