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Black fabric for harem pants- 2m£5.00Bought
short black wig£11.50Bought
yellow bias binding for scarf detail- 2.5m£1.80Bought
wine red and gold cord- 1/2m£0.58Bought
navy blue cord- 2m£1.42Bought
make up- foundation, powder, bronzer, eyeliner£6.00Bought
gold bangles£1.00Bought
2 rings£2.00Bought
thick royal blue ribbon- 2m£1.28Bought
Black pumps (or blue if possible)£4.99Bought
Blue fabric for scarf and hat- 1m£4.00Bought
white fabric for shawl and turban- 2m£5.00Bought
gold armband£0.00To Buy
blue and green necklace£0.00To Buy