Costume :Grandis Granva
Variant :Red dress
Source :Nadia-The secret of Blue Water
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Is it a problem that Grandis is my favourite character in Nadia? Such a colourful and funny cast of characters ahahahaha XD

I need more dresses in my life XD

Thinking sometime in 2015 :D With my boyfriend hopefully joining me as Sanson XD Someone be Hanson! We need the whole trio :D


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Just a self-reminder (Posted 16th April 2014)

Might consider using this fabric ^^ Been ages since I used duchess satin <3

Gonna have to watch the episode again to make sure I get the bodice right :D

Im know im a bit babyfaced but I really want to cosplay more womanly characters XD I have a suitable wig so I might do a make-up test later.