Costume :Aoba Seragaki
Source :DRAMAtical Murder
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Aoba selfie ftw!

Ahhhhh!!!!! The wig is so long!!!



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Ahh so excited for this! :3

by SubversiveRadioHost on Sunday, 20 April, 2014 - 12:53
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I look forward to seeing this complete x3

by Cantil on Saturday, 14 June, 2014 - 13:33

To-Do List

Make Ren's collar thingy that looks like a syringeLowPlanned
Modify headphonesLowPlanned

Shopping List

Blue wig£11.00Bought
Ren's collar£0.00Bought
Blue eyeliner (for eyebrows)£0.00Bought
Navy/Royal blue legwarmers£1.75Bought
Blue belt£7.99Bought
Navy/Royal blue t-shirt£3.50Bought
Blue jeans£9.94To Buy
Ren! <3 (plush pomeranian :3)£14.50To Buy
Light brown contacts£0.00To Buy


Wig <3 (Posted 29th April 2014)

My wig arrived today and it's way too long!!! I really love it otherwise though and I think I'll be sad to cut it when I get round to it :,(
I'll probably trim the fringe a little and take some (or quite a bit) off of the long bits :)

THE PLAN ;D (Posted 18th April 2014)

Okay, so... I'm not in a rush to start the cosplay so I'll probably leave most of it until I have finished Seras and Lucy.
When I do start the cosplay, I'll be buying the wig of course but I want to try and gather the different bits like the top, the jeans, etc. I've checked the prices of the cosplay and although I'm not looking for the full cosplay the jacket is REALLY expensive :/ I might be able to find a reasonable one but because I'm not in a rush to start the cosplay, it was like a 5 minute scroll through cosplay sites and stuff.
I would try to make the jacket but... that won't go well :,( but I think I'll leave that problem for my future self!