Costume :Holo the Wise Wolf
Variant :Default Outfit (V2)
Source :Spice and Wolf
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Kitacon IV (2012)

Costume Photos

Crossover Cute

In the Woods

In the Woods




Favourite Tree


Costume Information

Cost : £40 - on top of the old base!

So maybe it's a bit of a cheat to count this as a new outfit... but it was definitely an upgrade since the last event it was worn to.

This time around came with a whole new make up regime, added fangs, and a whole new tail and fur set. The fur on the tail is absolutely amazing, and so expensive as its got 3 or 4 different colour shades in there.
Also came with a bit more confidence, and a continued love for the character.

It was also my first major con, as it was worn to KitaCon! Before then I'd only ever really cosplayed at MCM Expo, and just... so many highlights from that weekend. Though I haven't worn Holo since, as I'd tried to cosplay alongside other people and still don't have a Lawrence to this day, it's still a costume I want to rewear ,and love to bits.


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