Costume :Jonathan Joestar
Variant :Young
Source :Jojo's Bizarre Adenture
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Jonathan 1

make up test


Costume Information

Cost : £20.00
Time Taken : A day

This was a closet cosplay so I had something new for Gold Nova without taking up too much time from my madman entry. I already owned the Socks, Wig, Shirt and Vest. I bought the Trousers and shoes from a charity shop and modified the trousers.


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To-Do List

Need To Buy New Socks To Modify HighPlanned
Style Wig Better (Not the morning of the con >_<)MediumIn Progress
Modify TrousersMediumIn Progress

Shopping List

White Shirt (Reused from R.Lutece) £0.00Bought
Brown School Shoes (Charity Shop) £4.00Bought
Wig (Bought for another project but not suitable) £10.00Bought
Brown three quarter length trousers (Charity shop) £2.50Bought
Pink Ribbon (Left over from another project) £0.00Bought
Blue Vest (Primark - bought years ago >_<) £0.00Bought
Blue Socks (need updating) £0.00Bought