Costume :Yuna
Variant :Songstress/Black Mage/Moogle
Source :Final Fantasy X-2
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Songstress Yuna 2


Songstress 2

Back of Black Mage

Relief face - I actually managed O_o

Quick Change tube of fear!

Black Mage Yuna

Moogle Yuna

Eye's Close up

Songstress Yuna on Stage


Costume Information

Awards : 2nd Place in Madman Preliminary Gold Coast
Time Taken : 2 months

For my Madman Entry at Gold Coast Supanova 2014 I decided to do quickchange with three of Yuna's outfits. I have learnt so much from undertaking this project and though it wasn't executed as well as I had hoped I did have a lot of fun :D

The video is online so check it out here:


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Gosh you make such a stunning Yuna, and the mascot costume is just so cute. I love how you've padded it so that it's really accurate!

by CrystalNeko on Wednesday, 9 April, 2014 - 21:02
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You look so adorable and pretty ahhh <3

by Moonchild on Thursday, 10 April, 2014 - 22:06
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so cute!

by J-Po on Saturday, 12 April, 2014 - 19:35
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Love that great your expressions ^_^

by SamanthaKaiba on Tuesday, 15 April, 2014 - 06:29
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This looks great!

by InfiniteJester on Tuesday, 15 April, 2014 - 10:36
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Wow you look amazing hun! I'd love to see a video of all your costume changes ^_^

by Littlegeeky on Tuesday, 15 April, 2014 - 11:33
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Thank you everyone for the lovely comments! Hopefully the video should be coming out in the next week or so! As soon as it does I'll be sure to link it :D

by gaming_goddess on Tuesday, 15 April, 2014 - 12:04
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Amazing work, as always! <3

by Nesabi on Sunday, 11 May, 2014 - 09:02
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So damn adorable.

by Ashy-kun on Sunday, 18 May, 2014 - 12:27

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