Costume :Homura Akemi
Variant :Magical Girl
Source :Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Progress :Complete
Worn At :MCM London Comic Con May 2015

Costume Photos

I won't rely on anyone anymore...


We should pretend to be on good terms...

Magical Girls~

Time is Ever Flowing



Costume Information

Worn with Lil-Miss-Macabre as Mami <3

Costume all hand-made with help from my mum using my own patterns except for the the undershirt which I bought.
The skirt and collar fabric were dyed using Dylon fabric dyes (a mix of 'french lavender & 'antique grey, though it came out more purple than grey due to the fabric)

The tights were painted while i wore them using fabric paint, i followed a tutorial by Aurum Cosplay for this as well as how to fit the tights over my boots.

Wig was a personal 4 Yukiko wig by Lucaille wigs, Alyx cut the bangs for me <3
My dad made her shield using a plastic plate, craft foam, a foam tube, resin cast gems & little cogs. He also wired in some small LED's so the gem's light up. It attaches with velcro to my wrist. Again following Aurum Cosplay, you can find both her Homura tutorials on youtube.

Special thanks to Hollita cosplay for her Homura pattern tutorial!


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To-Do List

Top/Blazer HighComplete
Skirt HighComplete
Tights/Boots HighComplete
Collars HighComplete
Wig HighComplete
Bows MediumComplete
Shield MediumComplete
Soul Gem MediumIn Progress
Guns LowComplete

Shopping List

Wig £18.00Bought
Black Shirt £4.00Bought
Fabric Dye £10.00Bought
Contacts £12.00Bought
Black Headband £1.85Bought
Ankle Boots £5.50Bought
Tights £3.65Bought
Fabric Paint (for tights)£6.00Bought