Costume :Ray/"Brownman"
Variant :Female/Genderflip Minecraft Skin
Source :Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter
Progress :Planned
Worn At :

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Costume Information

Another RT costume for Gemucon. HEY I'M SENSING A THEME. Also, I may get criticism for doing a "genderflip" rather than a flat-out crossplay because it's mainly just a suit, and I accept that. It does look lazy, doesn't it? But, my issue is that in the past when I have crossplayed (or more specifically, wore a binder), I have been HILARIOUSLY UNCOMFORTABLE. This is due to my size not only bust-wise but pretty much everywhere so until I definitely lose weight I'm going to stick to genderflip. IF I lose enough weight (and I will be trying don't you worry), then I'll do straightup normal Ray. Hope that clears that up.

This is about 90% just so that I can throw roses around/leave them everywhere. Good times <3


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Roses! (Posted 2nd April 2014)

You're not Ray without roses~! So here's a tutorial!! http://www.howjoyful.com/2011/06/felt-rose-tutorial-and-pattern/