Costume :Mia
Variant :Game
Source :.Hack//
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Mia Ref

Mia Ref

Mia Ref


Costume Information

Mia is a costume I've wanted to do for quite a while; I love creature costumes and Mia is a wonderful mix.

I am using a new technique for the head, which will be the third technique I have tried, having previously for other cosplays used foam and plastic mesh. This time I will be sculpting my own base, casting it in resin and then furring it as per usual. This technique is a little more time consuming than the others and has a few more steps but fingers crossed, it should look the best.

The reason for choosing this method is to try and keep the profile as small as possible while still incorporating lots of detail. I'm going for a semi realistic look, kind of like, what would Mia look like if she was produced with today's graphics? I don't particularly want to produce a "toony" cosplay.

I'm going to try to reduce the amount of fur I am going to use to try and keep the costume light. Where you can't see fur, there will be no fur!


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Head Sculpt 4 (Posted 15th February 2015)

Nearly there!

Just got to fill in gaps and smooth ready to cast!

Head Sculpt 3 (Posted 5th February 2015)

Sculpt is finally coming together, I anticipate in another sitting I should be at the stage where I can start getting the plaster / silicon mold in place.

As you can see the right hand side is near completion, while the left needs more work to match it.

Head Sculpt 2 (Posted 20th January 2015)

Further work on the sculpt.

Head Sculpt 1 (Posted 11th January 2015)

It's taking shape! Although making it symmetrical is quite tough!

This is the first time I've worked clay on such a large scale (just a little larger than human really!)

I'm using 'monster makers clay' on top of a manikin head which has been bulked out to my proportions. 'Monster Makers Clay' is a beautiful material to work with, although it is an expensive purchase it is well worth the investment, the beauty of it being that it is reuseable!

My only tools so far have been my digits and a shape knife.

Because I was quite unsure on exactly how to scale the mask I did concentrate on one side more than the other, resulting in now having to work on symmetry to a greater extent (because I wasn't adding/subtracting clay equally), which I guess is both a good and a bad thing - since I made quite a few extensive alterations on the right hand side (as you're looking at it) which involved moving a lot of the clay and changing eye shape/cheek shape.