Costume :Saki Morimi
Source :Eden Of the East
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

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Cost : £68.83
Time Taken : 5hrs

Oh yeah, cause Saki and I have completelyyyyy different fashion tastes, so I basically had to buy everythingggggg ;;______;;

But yes, I have fantastic friends who were willing to do a shoot with me. I realised that Basingstoke, the town I work in for my placement year at Uni, is actually a perfect town location wise for an Eden of the East shoot. Cue me rapidly trying to gather everything for the costume! It's one of my favourite anime anyway so I most definitely had to take advantage of living here!

I bought the red coat on eBay. It's the only piece of clothing I'd actually rewear because I love red coats, it just so happens to be one of the cheapest items I had to buy ahaha! I changed all the buttons from black to self cover buttons in some jersey fabric I bought which more or less matched the main fabric as close as I could get it. The belt was a long belt which I modified by shortening it and creating button holes on either end to go over one of the main buttons. I really could not be bothered to modify the pockets, they will forever be inaccurate.

The pink turtleneck was bought from eBay.
The jeggings I bought from Primark. You can never really tell if they're leggings or jeggings, I went with jeggings as I thought it'd be more accurate. I didn't think they were jeans because why would you ever wear jeans and a skirt!?

The skirt was made from khaki cotton with a chunky jean zip at the back and two darts on the front and back panels each. Very simple pencil skirt pattern I quickly drafted out of newspaper on my mannequin.

Bought the boots on eBay. They're actually quite cute and I might wear them in the Winter months.

Scarf was from Primark.
I did try to find a more accurate thicker wool scarf but it's now Spring/Summer time so thick scarfs are hard to come by on short notice...

The hat I made using medium weight interfacing as the main lining, buckram for the rim and the rest is suiting. You can follow my paperboy hat tutorial here.
Saki's hat is bigger than Naoto's (in the tutorial), so I used a width of 8" and a height of 10".

The wig was originally a long curly wig I found on eBay. I gave it a trim and then straightened it by pouring hot water over it whilst on a wig head and letting it dry overnight.

Overall super comfy costume. I'd love to make her pink dress as well one day, but I'll save that for another day!


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So cute! Love the photos!!

by Moonchild on Saturday, 21 June, 2014 - 15:25
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You're such a cutie <3

by Mungojerrie on Tuesday, 24 June, 2014 - 20:37

Shopping List

Pink polo neck£5.98Bought
8x self cover buttons£0.96Bought
6" jean zip£0.67Bought
0.75m khaki cotton£2.02Bought
0.25m brown trevira type lirelle suiting£0.92Bought
0.25m red jersey£1.00Bought


Complete! (Posted 1st May 2014)

I made the pencil skirt super quickly because I'm busy tomorrow evening. Fits like a dream first time round! I cut on the bias just in case aha. Not that you can really see the khaki skirt, the small details will always go missing in this cosplay ;;______;;

Time Taken: 3hrs

Coat modification II (Posted 1st May 2014)


It was originally a long belt which I shortened and sewed in button holes on both ends to fasten into one of the buttons. I thought well if the pockets are inaccurate I should make an effort to make somethingggg about the coat accurate!!

It's the stupidest design ever, it takes that much longer to put on the coat. SAKI, WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME!?

Hat (Posted 27th April 2014)

Made from suiting, medium weight interfacing and buckram!

Follow my tutorial on my deviantART, I cba to go through it again XD (Who knew my tutorial would still come in handy 4 years later!?)

As Saki has a baggier hat, I made the width of each panel 8" and the height to be 10" and gathered it into a 25" band, because my head is massive like that...

Costume Test (Posted 27th April 2014)

I don't have a white scarf yet, gonna go into town at some point and buy one!

But yes, I have cut the wig, poured hot water over it so straighten it and then finished off the trimming.

I've also made the hat using suiting with medium weight interfacing. I used my old old tutorial that I made years ago which is still very useful to this day aha ;D

I bought the pink turtleneck off eBay.

Time Taken: 1-2hrs

Unstyled wig (Posted 26th April 2014)

The base wig is so niceeeeee, I love it! But alas, it needs to be straightened and cut, sobbbb.

I'm super happy with the colour match, you wouldn't believe just how long it took me to find the perfect match. Looked all over eBay and Taobao because I was just determined not to have to dye a wig just for what should be a super simple costume. I found this in the end and now I wish I hadn't, I want to wear it all the time haha XD

I'm not really wearing make up, just eye make up and brows because I always look a bit dead if I don't have huge eye lashes when wearing a wig. I'm also using this opportunity to try out which lashes will suit Saki!

Coat modification (Posted 26th April 2014)

I bought a red coat on eBay and I'm changing all the buttons with self cover buttons and some red jersey. When I went into town earlier however I didn't think about the shoulder and cuff buttons! So I need to get a few more self cover buttons... But no, I think I got quite a good match fabric wise! Just slightly annoyed that none of the off cuts I have were quite the right shade of red.

I will be modifying the belt as well because it's a long belt which ties together, I will be shortening it and making it so that it has button holes.

I cba to mod the pockets TBH, I'm leaving that as it is.

If the weather is nice next weekend then my photographer friends are free to help me to a shoot, ahhhh that means I gotta crack on with the sewing ahhh!