Costume :Roxy
Variant :God teir
Source :Homestuck
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Costume Information

Cost : 40$ (ish)
Time Taken : i don't know, a little here and there

Me and some of my friend are cosplaying at carowinds on homestuck day (if we all have our cosplays done by then)


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Shopping List

Fabric £20.00Bought
Leggings £10.00To Buy


Who's coming on the carowinds trip? (Posted 15th March 2014)

We have 6 people coming
- Feferi
- Roxy (me)
- Jade
- Karkat
- Nepeta
- Dirk
Strange group, I know, but I have an idea of why they would be together. Terezi is putting random people together so that they can become closer friend and bond the whole group closer together.

Why am I making this? (Posted 15th March 2014)

Me and 5 of my friend want to cosplay at carowinds on homestuck day (4/13).
We plan on filming this to post on youtube. However, if we can't finish our cosplays in time we'll have to push the date.