Costume :Xiaomu
Source :Namco X Capcom
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Xiaomu (Project X-Zone art)


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I love Xiaomu, she has some of the best lines in the game and this uncanny ability to say what everyone else is thinking, except she has NO shame and just comes right out and says it XD This wig project is probably going to kill me but OH WELL.


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Haha awesome! This was actually on the list of cosplays that Sharp mentioned to me a couple years ago and I was going to do as a pair with him at some point, but never got around to it (I think I still have the wigs though) - enjoy that! Look forward to seeing it! :D

by Fyria on Tuesday, 11 March, 2014 - 23:44

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Dark Yellow Blonde Wefts (Coscraft)£5.00To Buy
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Silk painting (Posted 27th October 2014)

I got hacked off with the wig so I started making the dress. After patterning, I guttaed the outline of the white dragon on the front of Xiaomu's dress. I had two types of white paint to try - Jacquard Neopaque and Jacquard Dye-na-Flow. The Dye-na-Flow was completely useless on the black silk, it soaked in and you couldn't even tell I'd put anything there at all DX But the Neopaque was super and did the job - the picture shows four layers of Neopaque. I initially tried using a stencil for doing the gutta but it was a terrible idea cos it smudged, fortunately I was able to mostly cover that up with the Neopaque.

The gutta I used was Pebeo white but it has a slight pearlescent sheen to it and looks cool. So, things I learnt about using gutta: Every Pebeo brand other than the colourless one DOESN'T wash out! Fortunately I'd picked a white one to work with so it didn't matter, but just a heads up to anyone looking to do something like this in the future who, like me, hasn't done silk painting since primary school! In the end I just freehanded the whole dragon and it looked pretty good.

I did all this painting on the pre-cut pattern piece. Now I just need to cut the back and the lining and sew it together. However, I have now come to the conclusion that there's no way I'm going to have Xiaomu finished in time for Auchinawa, the wig work is really time consuming and she has lots of props and things as well. So Tom and I will be wearing Reiji and Xiaomu at Minamicon next year instead which gives us time to do all the cool guns and swords and things that they have!

Back to the wig (Posted 28th September 2014)

Now I've just about handed in my thesis I'm back to work on this - I used steel wire to reinforce the aluminium and now I'm putting on the batting and yellow felt on each 'tail'. It's pretty tedious hand sewing all of this, will be glad when it's done.

wig fail (Posted 8th June 2014)

Aluminium wire sags when I put the weft on :( Need to get some steel wire to reinforce it I think.

Wig work begins (Posted 30th May 2014)

So I don't reeeeally know what I'm doing with this wig mullarkey but I've made a frame for Xiaomu's five fox-style hairtails. It's twisted aluminium wire so it's light but strong. I hope because of twisting it, it will be able to support the weight of the wefts. My next plan is to thread this entire structure through the base wig and sew it in place. After that I'm going to wrap the tails in batting and sew it in place, then cover it with a layer of yellow felt. Then comes applying the wefts, not 100% sure whether this is going to work but my plan is to secure the wefts at the base with stitching, and then coat the felt with PVA glue, press the first layer of the weft against the felt and wrap cotton around the length of it to secure it while it dries. After that I'll continue wrapping the weft around and use hairspray on the upper layer to keep it all in shape. I'm not completely sure if it's going to work so will do one weft on an experimental basis and see how that goes!