Shima Sakon
Basara 4

Cosplayer: yami-no-neko

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

16th August 2014: Wig test I thought I should try the wig on. It's still a bit awkward but putting it on my head shows me a bit easier how to finish it.

29th March 2014: Trousers Since time is pressing on I thought I should get on with the trousers. It took me a while to find a dark red to go in the center,but I found some last week. Again I didn't have an actual pattern for this so I made thez by changing a trouser pattern I had. I'm not quite sure if it is gonna work until I sew then up properly. At the minute they look a bit big and I think the dark red bits could have done with being wider, but I'll take that into account when I make them again.

10th March 2014: shirt This has been a nightmare just to get it to this stage. I had to adapt a pattern to make it work but for the most part i was just winging it so the costume ended up being too big. I have had to take it in a few times. I also cut the front pannels slightly too small so I am going to have to make the collar band wider than it should be to compensate for it
The collar looks odd because it is not sewn on yet I just tacked it on for the photo.
alsosorry about any bad spelling in this journal i'm having to use my vita cos my pc broke

10th March 2014: wig Idon't usually do wig styling, but with this costume I didn,t have much choice. I stitched together two wigs that i bought from the bring a buy last year. I'm not sure how well it wil hold up. It still needs some styling