Costume :Sinestro
Variant :Sinestro Corps
Source :DC Comics
Progress :Complete
Worn At :MCM Manchester Comic Con 2014

Costume Photos

Sinestro and Star Sapphire 2

Sinestro and Star Sapphire 1


Costume Information

Cost : £50
Time Taken : 20 hours

Thaal Sinestro in his classic Sinestro Corps uniform.

Made from a black zentai suit and yellow faux leather material. All hand-sewn.
The emblems are made out of craft foam and coated with a few layers of PVA glue.

Overall I was pleased with how it came out, that is to say I made it within a week. The paint on the boots and the belt never properly set, so they kind of ruined things, and the hook-and-loop on the back kept popping open! Still, these are things that can be easily fixed.

The following upgrades need to be made:
New boots,
A better belt,
A better way to fasten the back up,
A light-up ring,
Some awesome constructs.


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looking brilliant man :)

by nanahara on Tuesday, 22 July, 2014 - 23:08
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Great cosplay and great poses. :)

by Ranma1-2 on Wednesday, 23 July, 2014 - 22:28