Costume :Uinen
Variant :Lady of the Seas
Source :The silmarillion
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Cost : 45.65

I'm super into the (very few) strong ladies of the Tolkeinverse; especially those from The Silmarillion (which I read as a pre-teen and didn't really understand tbh) & Children of Hurin (which I haven't actually read). I'm doing Uinen first because of my penchant for cosplaying mermaids and also there is a gorgeous beach, perfect for really nice photos right next to the venue. Plus, I live by the sea anyway, so I can just throw her on and drag a mate down to the beach for photos whenever I like.

For the Geek Fest fundraising event for Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital & The Rainbow Centre, Folkstone.


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Geek Fest 2014 (Posted 19th May 2014)

This is me and Zomboi (Bilbo) at Geek Fest 2014 testing out the costume to see how I felt being a "feminine", "etheral" & "pretty" mermaid queen, because if I was uncomfortable with it at this stage there would be no point in taking the costume any further; it's so far out of my usual comfort zone as something I'd wear that I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed wearing it. Zomboi kept saying I should cosplay Daeneyrs from GoT all weekend becuase it reminded him of her outfits. I am still not sold on that idea though...

It was comfortable for about 4 and a half hours, which as it's intended to eventually be a masquerade and photoshoot cosplay only is pretty good going. Admittedly there will be significantly more to it by that stage, but considering the last time I attempted something of a similar ilk I only lasted about and hour before I wanted to get changed, it's a significant improvement.

My only issue with it really is that event though I made it the week before, I managed to lose my half a stone of "biscuit weight" (i.e. the weight that I gain/lose proportionate to how many biscuits I have consumed in the previous week) before the actual event. Stupid weird-ass alien metabolism! I will potentially have to take it in quite a lot if and when I can get my body properly under control and zen, etc. lol. I'm about 1 stone short of my ideal weight goal atm, so, once I get into a more regular exercise pattern again (fell off the donkey a bit on that one, oopsie!) hopefully by Christmastime I'll have reached it... only to eat my own weight in brussels sprouts and gain it again most likely. lol. I'm not doing too badly really as I started at 11 and a half stone in January and I'm aiming for 9 by the end of it. I should probably cosplay as the cookie monster from Sesame Street at some point, biscuits are my downfall. haha.

Shoes and Shells, Ribbons and Bells (Posted 19th May 2014)

Just some of the stuff I've collected to chop up for stages 2 (headpiece) and 3 (beading the under dress). But I whacked the jewellery on for Geek fest 2014 in Folkestone. It's currently what I'd term as a partial costume in a wearable state. It's not complete, but I'm happy enough wearing it was is despite this and will just work away slowly to finish it, rewearing it as I finish each stage. Stage 4 is the over-dress and a second underskirt made of the same materials, Stage 7 is jewellery and the belt, Stage 8 is MOAR HAIR, Stage 9 is proper shoesies and possibly a bag, and Stage 10 is a majestic driftwood staff.

Stage 1: Day 6: Part 5 (Posted 3rd May 2014)

Here's the full-length underskirt and dress all done. I had some left over strips of raw silk (and plenty of recycled silk sari ribbon which is all nicked off of my Barad-Dur costume) so I decided to make myself a wee bracelet or anklet (haven't decided which yet) since I was in full-on braiding mode by that point. ;)

And that's the end of Stage 1, which I will be wearing to Geekfest in Folkestone on the 10th of May. Stage 2 will be the headpiece, which I'll start working on for the next time I wear it.

Stage 1: Day 6: Part 4 (Posted 3rd May 2014)

And then I broke out my shiny new detangler to sort out the wigs/get rid of the curls so they became soft waves and a bit of back-combing to give the bottom a candyfloss-y texture. Next I cut out the elastic from the top wig, sewed it to the bottom wig by hand then used the detangler again to blend them together. After that it was back to braiding, the wig this time (I chuffin' love braids me), and then I styled the fringe and wrapped two sections at the front of the hair that will go in front of my ears because if I just left the wig, my elf ear tips would be hidden.

Stage 1: Day 6: Part 3 (Posted 3rd May 2014)

And then I had to hand-sew the straps on cos they were not getting through the machine of sewing. Plus, I hemmed the dress because I didn't want to do it until after the dying so that the gold thread wouldn't get dyed too.

Stage 1: Day 6: Part 2 (Posted 3rd May 2014)

For the dress straps, I started out with 3 separate braids, then plaited them together to make a really strong, uber-braid. Then repeated until I had 2. I like braiding stuff, it's quite relaxing.

Stage 1: Day 6: Part 1 (Posted 3rd May 2014)

Underwear! The bra is approximately time-period accurate, though not so much the elastic. You can't really tell there but the knickers are asymmetrical, like a wave, so I kind of have half a butt-cheek on show (though not really because, layers). I'm playing with asymmetry throughout the whole design to greater and lesser extents, so I thought I'd extend it to the panties.

Stage 1: Day 5: Part 4 (Posted 2nd May 2014)

Rinse until water runs clear, wring out, hang up and then leave to dry.

Stage 1: Day 5: Part 3 (Posted 2nd May 2014)

I actually followed the instructions as to how to dye stuff, 15 mins constant fabric rotation and the 45 mins occasional stirring for the green. I also dyed some other stuff that needed doing (clothes that were a bit faded) in both dye baths.

Stage 1: Day 5: Part 2 (Posted 2nd May 2014)

See part 1.

Stage 1: Day 5: Part 1 (Posted 2nd May 2014)

Gradient dying fabric is basically just a case of dipping fabric into the dye vat - which you make up by following the instructions on the Dylon dye pack, except that I tend to reverse the order of the dye and the salt because I was taught to mix acid dyes at uni that way and it's just stuck in my brain that that's the order you do the tasks in... it doesn't make any difference really - leaving it for a while to absorb the dye, the dipping a bit more of the fabric in and so on to layer up more dye on one part of the fabric than the rest of it.

Stage 1: Day 4: Part 3 (Posted 1st May 2014)

Gradient/Dip Dying a Wig, Part 2:

So, once it was dry and I'd finished the 2nd wig, I repeated the process with a slightly darker colour (more ink and with a bit of green in with the blue this time). Then after they were dry, I washed the wigs in running water until it ran clear.

Stage 1: Day 4: Part 2 (Posted 1st May 2014)

Reverse Gradient Dying a Wig:

So, pretty much the same deal as the first wig, except that you separate out the different layers of wefts with a comb, then clip them. And I used 14 drops of ink because the wig was lighter.

Stage 1: Day 4: Part 1 (Posted 1st May 2014)

Gradient/Dip Dying a Wig, Part 1:

First of all I put 12 drops of acrylic ink into a full jar of 99.9% Isopropyl Acohol, mixed it with the end of an old paint brush, then poured it into a spray bottle. I popped the wig on my trusty wig head and clamp before sectioning the wig with little clips, then one section at a time, I sprayed the bottom of the wig, making sure to get all the fibers with my fingers and a wee comb. Then I hung it on the washing line to dry. You're SUPPOSED to hair dryer it at this stage, but I couldn't be bothered getting the power supply set up in the garden, so I just air dried it.

Stage 1: Day 3 (Posted 30th April 2014)

Made the whole underskirt & more progress on the dress.

Stage 1: Day 2 (Posted 29th April 2014)

Basically I whipped up the majority of the dress on this day. Plus I cut out the underskirt too.

Stage 1: Day 1 (Posted 28th April 2014)

Fabric prep, pre-washing and cutting out the paper patterns. I adapted the Medieval dress pattern a lot in the end, I only really used 3 bits of it, but when I have enough money to buy the silk chiffon for the over dress I will use the whole pattern. I also did some rubbish doodles of what I'm actually making. I will do a proper illustration (or get someone else to do it) at some point and I maaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy share my doodles at some point. They make sense to me as to what the costume's meant to be, but they're embarrassingly bad because I'm soooooo out of practice.

Bling (Posted 27th February 2014)

Also, found a random picture of a bunch of bling that feels Uinen-y. I do like my mermaids to wear a king's ransom in pirate boot-ay after all.

More Make Ups & Headgear (Posted 27th February 2014)

Found a new pic of Adora Bat Brat's and it's really like what I was feeling Uinen would look like except not pink, more glitters, more sea shells and no cyber-robot-zombie eyes.

Uinen Makeup Reference Board (Posted 21st February 2014)

I want to go for an etheral, otherworldly feel as I'm not going to look very Elven otherwise due to being a smidget and a chubster. I'd be an excellent Hobbit, but of course I decided to go against type in order to be COVERED IN GLITTER. ;P

Uinen Headpiece Reference Board (Posted 21st February 2014)

All good mermaids need a crown made out of coral and shells and shiny ocean thingies. I might not actually have time to make this part for May, but I will deffo make it for rewears.

Uinen Hair Reference Board (Posted 21st February 2014)

General fanart consensus gives her either silvery-white/grey, blonde or blue-ish grey hair. The only actual description of her says that her hair essentially IS the ocean (and she likes to "capture/weave" people into it until some dude "puts them to eternal sleep" or something... i.e. her hair is the sea and she likes to drown people in it), so I'm going for a sort of oceanic feel with lovely gradients and braiding.

Uinen Dress Reference Board (Posted 21st February 2014)

Where Ancient Greece meets Medieval England. Well, she is part of the Elven equivalent of the Olympian Pantheon after all...

Uinen Reference Board (Posted 21st February 2014)

Fan art gleaned from the depths of the internet.