Costume :Eowyn
Variant :White wool dress
Source :Lord of the Rings movies
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Costume Information

The white wool dress Eowyn wears in The Two Towers.


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Stage 1- Planning. (Posted 19th February 2014)

The pattern for this dress arrived today, and I've started looking for materials, because the plan is to be finished with this one in time for HobbitCon in Bonn this April! Ambitious, especially with a holiday between now and then, but I'm hoping it will happen.

With some luck I can get the materials (am going for a polycotton because I'm allergic to wool blends) ordered this week, and start cutting next week, which would leave me with just the sewing to do when I'm back from holiday.

Wish me luck! 6 weeks to complete one cosplay, I think I'm a little bit insane.