Costume :Elizabeth
Variant :First dress
Source :Bioshock Infinite
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :AmeChibi 2015

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With PREDATOR PETE as Booker Dewitt :)


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Hi! Thanks for the comment on my Elizabeth costume :D

I love your costume too (and I'm seriously envious of your sky hook, it's awesome)! If you wanted to get photos together I could always bring my costume to Kita with me - I'm always happy to wear it again!

by Sillabub on Tuesday, 28 April, 2015 - 14:53

To-Do List

SkirtLowIn Progress
Hair bowLowPlanned

Shopping List

Light blue skirt fabric£9.42Bought
Dark blue skirt fabric£3.13Bought
Bias binding£0.90Bought
Air dry clay£4.00Bought
White shirt£12.49Bought


Amechibi (Posted 9th April 2015)

Just about managed to get this in a wearable state for Amechibi tomorrow. Will be wearing it incomplete as it's missing a few details but shall hopefully have it 100% ready for a convention later in the year!

Skyhook acquired! (Posted 20th October 2014)

Finally bought a skyhook while at Play Expo last weekend! Really happy that I managed to get one! It will be shared between me and PREDATOR PETE when we eventually do Elizabeth and Booker together :)

Boots bought (Posted 30th August 2014)

Been having a hard time finding some decently priced lace up knee high boots so in the end I just bought some plain ones. Very happy with the look of them though so I'm not particularly bothered :)

Fabric bought (Posted 13th August 2014)

Just been to the fabric shop and found the perfect shade of blue for this costume :) I've been putting off buying anything for this until I found the right colour but now that I have it, it's time to get to work!

I also bought some air dry clay recently in preparation for making a vigor bottle.

Prop planning (Posted 16th June 2014)

Went into Liverpool today and bought a couple of glass bottles as a base for making a vigor prop. I was unsure on which one I was actually going to make, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be Undertow :) Thankfully I know a shop where they sell glass bottles on the cheap (and blue ones to boot) so I'll hopefully be buying the correct shape and colour bottle next time I'm in there.

I'm also toying with the idea of buying a skyhook, but they're pretty expensive at around £60-£90 so it just depends on whether I have the money when I come to make this.