Costume :Kyoya Ootori
Source :Ouran High School Host Club
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Memorabilia/MCM Birmingham Comic Con 2014

Costume Photos

Isn't it obvious? I have something to gain

Is the 'glasses character' superior to 'big brother'?

Do you have a passport?

You can always pay me with your body...

Welcome to the host club ~ <3

An interesting thought... in it's own way

Kyoya Ootori





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I can't wait to see this finished! I love Kyoya

by MintyBadger on Tuesday, 18 February, 2014 - 02:56
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I haven't seen the anime, but from the look of the profile pic and your WIP pics, I say you've got this one spot on ^^

by Namine on Thursday, 20 February, 2014 - 02:15
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Can't wait to see it finished :D

by tuckertrickster on Thursday, 20 February, 2014 - 23:18
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Yay! OHSHC ^_^ Good luck with this! x

by Raye-chan on Friday, 21 February, 2014 - 19:10
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Firstly, YES FOR OHSHC! look REALLY good O_O Totally stunning!

by sjbonnar on Saturday, 22 February, 2014 - 14:20
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You really suit him! :Dc

by HarryKurt on Sunday, 23 February, 2014 - 21:05

Looking forward to seeing the finished outfit for this one

by g123 on Sunday, 2 March, 2014 - 16:02
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Fantastic! You really suit Kyoya <3 Looks fab! :D *Host club squeals*

by Lady-Aira on Thursday, 6 March, 2014 - 00:21
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you look amazing as Kyoya!!

by PintSized_13 on Thursday, 6 March, 2014 - 01:55
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This suits you so much omg I love it! :D

by jessliekspie on Saturday, 8 March, 2014 - 15:47
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amazing cosplay, looks perfect as. Well done ^^

by Namine on Tuesday, 11 March, 2014 - 23:08
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you suit kyoya so well, awesome job ^_^

by blissfulbanana on Monday, 17 March, 2014 - 11:18
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You make such a good Kyoya! Perfect cosplay!

by Kitri du Lac on Wednesday, 19 March, 2014 - 10:45
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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is so awesome :D

by dan-dan on Friday, 21 March, 2014 - 23:52
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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is so awesome :D

by dan-dan on Friday, 21 March, 2014 - 23:52

New pics since I last looked, the jacket looks so accurate

by g123 on Saturday, 29 March, 2014 - 09:46
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Very nice. Effective crossplay, and you've got the posing down too! (Also Kyoya's my favourite host ;) )

by PandoraCaitiff on Wednesday, 9 April, 2014 - 10:23
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very good crossplay and very good photos you've done a fantastic job on this costume!

by Mothfox on Thursday, 10 April, 2014 - 22:24
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You make a brilliant Kyouya. Love the photos!

by Carmina on Wednesday, 16 April, 2014 - 10:52
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You make an awesome Kyoya, you look just like him :D

by slycrazy on Sunday, 4 May, 2014 - 19:10
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Such a brilliant Kyoya, you really suit him! :D

by GroovyGenesCosplay on Sunday, 29 June, 2014 - 00:07
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You look exactly how I imagine Kyoya to look! Perfect :)

by HotshotShan on Tuesday, 29 July, 2014 - 15:24
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^-^ This is a great cosplay.

by Ashy-kun on Thursday, 4 September, 2014 - 13:25
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Yesss my favourite host club member! You portray him so well, I really envy your ability to show a character's personality in your photos

by ToroSonyCat on Tuesday, 18 November, 2014 - 13:52
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Fabulous cosplay from an awesome show; keep up thE good work! :D

by Prof. Fears on Monday, 4 May, 2015 - 13:36

To-Do List

Buy BlazerHighComplete
Buy patch for blazerHighComplete
Buy tieMediumComplete
Re-dye hair black MediumComplete
Sew patch onto blazerMediumComplete
Buy glasses more like Kyoya's than my normal onesLowComplete
Paint glasses to be more like Kyoya'sLowComplete

Shopping List

Light Blue Blazer£12.00Bought
Patch for blazer£6.50Bought
Black Notebook£4.50Bought


Glasses (Posted 22nd February 2014)

I bought some frameless oval glasses like Kyoya's, only thing being, the sides were pink and had flowers on. Somehow, I couldn't see Kyoya having these. The grey pen that I originally put on came off really easily and was very weak so would show the flowers. I had to settle for black, it was better than pink flowers, it stays on and dries really well so yep... I have Kyoya glasses! I have a light blue blazer ordered along with a OHSHC patch to sew onto it, tomorrow I am hoping to go out and buy a ribbon to sew onto the tie!