Costume :Black Widow
Source :Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London Film and Comic Con Winter 2014

Costume Photos







Chilling with Cap

Cap let me steal his shield



Costume Information

Time Taken : 2 weeks

Worn at LFCC on the Saturday.

I'm really awful at getting into character - I was enjoying the day so much that I was all smiles and couldn't pull any serious faces!

Hope to remake some parts of it before I wear it again, like the bites and tidying up the boots. Perhaps some bigger guns would be good too.
The wig was great - I was asked if it was my real hair loads of times :)


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Great work so far, look forward to seeing you wearing this!

by GroovyGenesCosplay on Wednesday, 13 August, 2014 - 19:18
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Thank you :D

by Niamh on Wednesday, 13 August, 2014 - 21:00
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I can't wait! You've done such a great job on this and you suit her so well. *flailing hard!* :D

by HarryKurt on Saturday, 16 August, 2014 - 21:13
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Thanks! Ahhhh <3

by Niamh on Sunday, 17 August, 2014 - 19:08
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You suit Natasha so well! I love this!

by Kitri du Lac on Saturday, 6 September, 2014 - 00:08
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Fantastic Widow. You look great.

by Sephirayne on Saturday, 6 September, 2014 - 08:31
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you look brilliant as Black Widow, very nicely done

by nanahara on Saturday, 6 September, 2014 - 12:42
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Thank you! :)

by Niamh on Saturday, 6 September, 2014 - 16:37
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Awesome! :D

by Timcanpy55 on Sunday, 19 October, 2014 - 17:46
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You make a great Black Widow

by ArcaneArchery on Sunday, 19 October, 2014 - 21:14
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You're too kind! Thanks so much :)

by Niamh on Thursday, 23 October, 2014 - 18:12


Widow bites (Posted 1st December 2014)

Made from craft foam, elastic and El Wire. Very pleased with these!

Finished boots (Posted 18th November 2014)

Sewed the boot covers down.

Boots! (Posted 14th August 2014)

Building over an old pair with a load of upholstery vinyl and superglue

Wig test (Posted 12th August 2014)

Need to cut it a bit shorter and straighten the back, but I'm pretty happy so far.

Suit! (Posted 8th August 2014)

Just got to add some finishing touches and sort out the boots, holsters, belt, knee pads and bites!

Bodysuit base (Posted 4th August 2014)

Used Kwik Sew pattern 3052 and a heavy stretch fabric