Costume :Matt (Mail Jeevas)
Variant :Anime
Source :Death Note
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Plan to wear this to the London MCM Expo in October 14.


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Ahh, This is gonna be great :'D

by CoffeeCat on Wednesday, 26 March, 2014 - 18:38

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Shit so far (Posted 26th March 2014)

Ok so here's a list of stuff I have so far and where I got them for any one who is having trouble. I know I did.

Gloves: ebay (they go over my elbows but I just fold them inside to desired length)

Wig: (

Top: Actually got mine from amazon but its cheaper here on their website (

Goggles: (

Gameboy: Already had it. Thought this was better to use than my newer 3DS because its closer to the time period.

My Wig :D (Posted 24th March 2014)

Got my wig today and I love it. I got it from Coscraft for £16.50. Next up is styling it but because I'm not actually wearing my Matt cosplay till October I wont do any of that till closer to the time. Only got the wig whilst it was back in stock from being out of stock for a few months.