Costume :Hanji Zoe
Source :Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :MCM London Comic Con October 2014

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Seeing as Hanji is my favourite character in the series, why not.
It started out as a closet cosplay but now I'm gonna go full out with 3DMG.
I'm also gonna improve a lot on the SNK cosplay I have (Get embroidered patches, and a harness that stays up)


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super awesome. love the gifs xD

by Kyuipo on Wednesday, 13 August, 2014 - 20:09

To-Do List

Yellow ShirtHighComplete
Make 3DMGHighIn Progress
Jacket With Embroidered PatchesMediumComplete
Buy BootsLowComplete
Paint Boots BrownLowPlanned
Circle LensesLowPlanned

Shopping List

Brake Handles£2.00Bought
Yellow Shirt£12.24Bought
Foam Board Sheets£8.00Bought
White Trousers£7.99Bought
Leather Paint£9.99To Buy
Circle Lenses£14.82To Buy


Jacket (Posted 21st August 2014)

Well they didn't lie to me and the jacket actually has embroidered patches! It looks great and I got it for such a low price.

Harness (Posted 13th August 2014)

The harness came in today. It took an hour to put together but it is so much better than the old one.

More orders (Posted 9th August 2014)

I bought a really good harness and a Jacket with embroidered (so they say) patches.

Goggles (Posted 30th July 2014)

I got a pair. They look nothing like the anime/manga versions but I just wanted them because they looked cool.

Cloak (Posted 16th July 2014)

It arrived and I'm happy with how well it flows.

Shirt (Posted 11th July 2014)

The yellow shirt came in. It's a bit orange though, I might return it.

Worbla (Posted 8th July 2014)

It came in this morning. I'll be using it to finish the edges on the 3DMG so that they are nice and clean because foamboard doesn't cut smoothly.

More orders (Posted 4th July 2014)

I ordered a yellow shirt, the cloak, some worbla and a pair of goggles today.

3DMG blades (Posted 3rd July 2014)

I've nearly finished building the swords. All I need left is to finish and the edges with worbla and to glue the levers on. After that I can paint them and put some wires on.

Wig and Glasses (Posted 2nd July 2014)

The wig came in this morning.

3DMG blades (Posted 28th June 2014)

I've traced everything out. Now to cut it.

Glasses (Posted 28th June 2014)

The came in this morning.

Brake Handles (Posted 20th June 2014)

I bought a pair for the sword handles.

Wig and Glasses (Posted 19th June 2014)

I ordered them quite cheaply so I hope they aren't bad. I got the wig from the same seller as my Mikasa wig so it should be good.

3DMG Materials (Posted 18th June 2014)

I ordered some foamboard and cutting equipment.