Costume :Aerrow
Source :Storm Hawks
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :MCM London Comic Con May 2015

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I have been a Storm Hawks fan for a number of years, and I feel that I now have the skills to pull off one of my favourite characters from the show - Aerrow. He's the Sky Knight of the newly reformed Storm Hawks squadron, and the last descendant of the original team's leader. Despite being too young for a pilot's license, he's one of the best flyers around and a skilled fighter.

His costume is made up of many different elements, including sewing, armour, wig and electronic prop work. I aim to create a realistic look to this costume, while still staying true to the more stylised areas too. It's likely to prove a challenge to make some of these things believable. Apart from that, this is a relatively simple design, and should work in my favour since I will be able to concentrate my efforts in smaller areas, and (hopefully) create a more polished outcome.

This one I can't wait to work on, and I may just have to rewatch the entire series as I do. The sky's never the limit! ;D


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Omg!!!! I had completely forgotten about this show!!! What a blast from the past! ;___; I used to watch it religiously as well D8
Can't wait to see the progress of this!!!

by Koiice on Saturday, 11 January, 2014 - 00:55

love the show. looking forward to see the progress

by gxgirl-93 on Saturday, 11 January, 2014 - 14:53

Shopping List



Wig Research (Posted 20th January 2015)

Oh boy has today been busy. With Coscraft opening up again, I've been making more definite plans for Aerrow's hair by comparing potential styles and colours I want to use.

Aerrow has a lot of spiking work to be done, a huge amount of ventilating/franken-wigging, and no visible parting in the back (how I'm going to get around that is going to be the most fun...). The wig is possibly the biggest thing that I want to get as accurate as possible, since it's one of the most defining part of his silhouette. I have a fair bit of experience with styling wigs, and a lot of the techniques I want to use, but I've never used them at this scale in the same project. It's going to be a lot of work, but I want to be certain that the materials I want to use will be right first, so it's going to take some time.

I'm almost tempted to call this build Project Hedgehog at this rate hehe

MyFabrics Samples (Posted 17th January 2015)

Ahaha my new samples arrived! I think I have most of the fabrics I need now (a mixture of cuff knits, fleeces and sweatshirt fabrics). It's very hard to photograph without proper daylight, but the colours match as much as I hoped (<3!!), and I should be able to order what I need once I have the mock up done (I need to get the correct amounts).

Aerrow Colour Palette (Posted 17th January 2015)

I've made up a colour palette for Aerrow to make my fabric matching a lot easier.

Sword Template #2 (Posted 14th January 2015)

Second attempt at the sword template. This time I stayed true to the reference art, and only shortened the length of the hilt. Hopefully between the two drawings, you should be able to see just how different they are in shape, and I certainly prefer the new one. The blade looks a lot bigger with the guard being smaller, and I prefer the deeper 'cut out' sections. The overall size I'm going for with this is just under a full arm's length from tip to pommel, so these are going to be pretty big daggers.

Next I'm going to draw up the rough interior arrangement, though I won't be able to make anything final until I know the dimensions of the EL wire drivers. It's still going to make things a little easier to understand if it's drawn up, and I'm probably just going to have to change a little bit of the scaling that's all.

Make up test: attempt 1 (Posted 14th January 2015)

I hate doing make up tests without the wig to match, but I've made so little progress today I couldn't resist seeing what I could do. I'm definitely going to have another attempt another day, but it more than likely won't be until the wig is done. I generally know what I want now so it should quicker next time (ie the eyebrows, eyes, contouring).

Ugh make up I hate you so much ;-;

Sword Template (Posted 12th January 2015)

Here's my first attempt at my Aerrow sword template! Woah SAI is so much easier to outline with than illustrator. I might have to go over my Buccaneer arm again in there.

Quick history lesson: Storm Hawks was going to have an MMO called Storm Hawks Skyrace, and they hyped it up quite a bit. After the show was cancelled, the game quickly followed suit. However, a lot of the models and artwork were released by the artists for their portfolios. One of the things released was a full view turn around video clip of one of Aerrow's swords, and his is going to be incredibly useful for my own build.

I've had to alter the proportions for my version. In the show and artwork, the swords lights up and make a more impressive look. But because I'm having to use EL wire to create a live edge, I'm going to have to make the blade a little larger, and the handle smaller. The official merch does this as well, but I've not altered it that much, this is more of a balance between the two. This is still only the first attempt, I might still have to alter them a little more, but I'm pretty happy with the way it looks for now.

Calico Fabric Samples (Posted 3rd January 2015)

My fabric samples from Calico Laine arrived today! The top two are samples for Haruhi (the best colour matches I could find in 100% cotton), and the other eight are for Aerrow.

The fleeces have incredible amount of stretch (far more than the fabric I used on Smaug), which is going to be perfect for Aerrow's range of movement. So far I think the dark petrol fleece is the closest colour match with the jumper (second to the left bottom left) the rest are a little too purple.

I'm definitely going to be hunting for sweatshirt fabrics too, especially for the red portion on his front. The padded look will be really effective against the fleece, and maybe make it look a little less like a set of pyjamas haha. If I can't find the pale red I want, I'll have to experiment with acid dying. If that doesn't work, I'll have to find another way around it.

Project Aerrow! (Posted 29th December 2014)

After years of putting off, I've finally gotten the guts to start this thing.

I still have a lot to sit down and plan out thoroughly, but things are slowly becoming more and more tangible. I'm very glad I've waited to start this project, I've picked up skills and experience that I will definitely need for it to run smoothly. Each part of the costume is going to need a substantial amount of attention to bring it up to a standard I want to compete in, some more than others. And by others I of course mean those swords. I've devoted the entire day planning how those things are going to be dealt with, and they are going to need plenty more in the weeks to come.

The goal is to get him finished in time for May MCM. Whether or not I can pull it off is another thing entirely.