Costume :Tank Girl/Rebecca Buck
Source :Tank Girl
Progress :Complete
Worn At :MCM Scotland Comic Con 2014

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Keep it PG, TG!




Costume Information

Cost : 8.94
Time Taken : About 7-8 hours over a week or so; a lot of drying time required for clay and nail polish though

A good way to use a lot of "stuff" I have lying about. I wanna do sooooooooo many TG cosplays, but I'm going for a fairly simple one this time. :)


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Amulet (Posted 4th September 2014)

Once it was painted, I decide to attach it to the wooden beads I got from a charity shop with a pair of food bag ties I found in the kitchen drawer. I think it's what TG would do if she broke a necklace and wanted to bodge a fix. ;P

Necklace Sculpt (Posted 4th September 2014)

The amulet necklace was a fairly easy paper clay sculpt with just my fingers and a pair of nail scissors... i should probably find my actual sculpting tools, but, meh, why bother when a ballpoint pen and other stationary items work just as well. lol. Again, I used nail polish instead of enamel paint or acrylic, this time layering red over white and finally black.

Flower (Posted 4th September 2014)

Yeah, so fake flower + hot glue + hair clip = a clip on hat flower. All of a 10 second job. lol.

Enamel paint shemamel paint... (Posted 4th September 2014)

First of all I sealed the layers of Worbla together with hot glue and filed it smooth with an emery board. Next I broke out the nail polish which is a great, cheap and readily available if you're like me an accumulate the stuff, alternative t often pricey enamel paint. In this case for a battered mental effect I painted a few layers of black on before covering in matte silver.

Tank Buckle: Worbla's Finest (Posted 4th September 2014)

So, I ordered Worbla for another cosplay and decided I'd have a play with it on a smaller scale for the iconic Tank belt buckle. It's quite fun and easy to work with.

Belts (Posted 4th September 2014)

Started with some old belts that were falling apart and a bit of ratty old toweling that I made worse, applied duct tape and safety pins. Also, the toweling is actually stitched to the belt, the safety pins are aesthetic only and not structural.

Fringe (Posted 4th September 2014)

So I started with a standard blonde clip in fringe, which I chopped to the right length and punkiness. Then I took some pastel sharpies and coloured it in; applied heat to fix and voila.

Ref. (Posted 12th August 2014)

Keeping it simple.