Costume :Darcy Lewis
Variant :Thor 1
Source :Thor/Marvel
Progress :Complete
Worn At :DeeCon 2015

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Cost : 37.84

Comfy, warm costume. I get a beanie hat. I get to make a pretend taser. I get to have a giant Jaguar/Leopard/Ocelot face on my boobs. All are reasons. All are good ones.


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Wig (Posted 23rd April 2014)

Testing the wig to see how I look in it. Pretty damn foxy. lol. ;P No makeup cos I couldn't be bothered and I'll get away with wearing my own glasses for this costume. Eyesight and vision, yay! :D

T-shirt Base (Posted 23rd April 2014)

So I decided to test out spreadshirt as I haven't used them before and wanted to see what the quality was like. Very good & you can choose where the placement of the print is. I still need to lower the neckline of this for cleavage-age, but I've got until October for that so it's cool.

Available on Redbubble (Posted 22nd January 2014)

The tee I designed for this costume is available to anyone who also wants to cosplay this version of Darcy. Or even if you just like Ocelots: http://www.redbubble.com/people/bloodsugarcos/works/11420087-ocelot-jung... When I have more time I'll make a spreadshirt store and pop it up there too.

Ocelot Jungle (Posted 22nd January 2014)

T-shirt placement print part 2. A patchwork Ocelot made in Illustrator. I really should have practiced with my tablet, but I couldn't be bothered getting it out of the cupboard, so I just used my (dodgy) track-pad.

The Ocelot (Posted 22nd January 2014)

T-shirt placement print design part 1. I basically I will piece together and trace these photos in Adobe Illustrator (CS2, my version is archaic. lol), add some foliage, fiddle about with it and make it have it's mouth open in a roar.

Darcy Lewis - Reference Board (Posted 22nd January 2014)

Ref Board, costume from the 1st Thor Movie & movieverse comics.