Costume :Roman Torchwick
Source :RWBY
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Progress shot

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Cane reference


Costume Information

My friends and I are doing a RWBY group at Alcon 2014 and I've decided to do Roman as, well, I've never done a villain before but this guy called to me lmao.
It should be super fun and, hey! I get to make a prop again.


yES! Finally! I havent seen any Roman cosplayers *^*

by Clockwork Fairy on Wednesday, 8 January, 2014 - 01:00

To-Do List

Buy wigHighComplete
Buy hatHighIn Progress
Buy white fabricHighPlanned
Collect black trousersHighPlanned
Black fabric for gloves (buy interfacing too?)HighPlanned
Use peacoat to draw out patternHighPlanned
Buy gold buttonsHighPlanned
Buy grey scarfHighPlanned
Collect plain black t-shirtHighPlanned
Collect black lace shoesHighPlanned
Buy red lining fabricHighPlanned
Buy grey scarfHighPlanned
Buy velcro for glovesHighPlanned
Buy iron on interfacing for collarMediumPlanned
Buy in hat detailsMediumPlanned
Buy base for caneLowPlanned
Buy cigar (?)LowPlanned
Green contact lenses (?)LowPlanned
Buy in white, metallic and red acrylic paintLowPlanned
Buy in craft knife as you're an idiot and have lost yours whYLowPlanned
Buy expanding foamLowPlanned