Costume :Allen Walker
Variant :Crowned Clown
Source :D.Grey Man
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Allen Wig - Side

Allen Wig


Costume Information

Cost : £45.50

Progress so far:
- Bought silver/white Allen wig, Aprox. £15
- Bought Satin for making coat, £14
- Bought FLUFF! £4
- Bought white zip, £2.50
- Bought Black Cotton Drill, £10.

To Do: Buy 1/2m White Cotton Drill, £2.50
Buy contact lenses, Unknown price.
Buy boots!


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Wig looks pretty decent ^^

by Captain_Marvelous on Friday, 1 May, 2009 - 08:47

To-Do List


Contact Lenses and Wig (Posted 27th April 2009)

God, i have to start loosing weight... Swimming everyday in the holiday for meee! :D
I cant wait for it to arrive.
Ive also had some ideas on what im going to use for the fluff. I really need to order some fabric samples.
I think i've finally decided where im going to get my contact lenses that im going to use for a few cosplays. I cant afford a proper full eye Allen lens, so i think im going to buy a pair of red lenses to use for Sebastian/Itachi ect and maybe just wear one for Allen's cursed eye. Ill try it and see if it looks okay first.

Im so excied... But making the actual outfit wont start for a while... GCSEs first... *cries*

Wig Buying (Posted 15th April 2009)

WooHoo, im going to buy my Allen Walker wig soon. I need to loose weight and save up money, but im really really excited about this cosplay!
I would really appreciate any info on how other people have done his white fluff...
Ive seen lots of people doing a long white coat with a fluffy collar and hood, and at the moment i think that's what im going to do.
I'm also not sure on what fabric to make the uniform out of... Should i use the leathery, shiny stuff? Or something more like what i made my Akatsuki jacket out of??
The leathery stuff sounds expensive and difficult to work with >___<
I'd really appreciate some tips.