Mr Sue Denim

Costume :Boba Fett
Variant :Special Edition
Source :Star Wars Classic
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Costume Information

The helmet alone is badass enough to own, so I thought I'd have a stab at making my own set of Fett armour. As an added challenge, I decided to make everything truly homemade.


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To-Do List

Flak VestHighComplete
Flight SuitHighIn Progress
GauntletsHighIn Progress
Jet PackHighIn Progress
Knee PadsMediumComplete
Ammo BeltMediumComplete
Shoulder BellsMediumComplete
Neck SealMediumComplete
GlovesMediumIn Progress
Girth BeltLowComplete
Shin ToolsLowComplete
Voice Changer/AmpLowIn Progress


Ammo Belt (Posted 14th January 2015)

Using cardboard, I created nets of the pouches which I covered in brown pleather. Gluing a strip over the top provided the flap and a belt loop for a belt that was made out of the same material. Some velcro sewn in place and some weathering with a paintbrush and I've got myself a budget belt.

Flak Vest (Posted 20th November 2014)

Here's the vest and neck seal. I weathered the colour with paint to add grime and highlights and rather sloppily cut a hole to fit a flashing light kit that would act as the chest display on the armour. I also had the laborious task of sewing on all the press studs to attach the armour pieces.

Armour (Posted 15th November 2014)

As before, curved sintra provided the shape of the armour plating. Keyboard keys with nuts epoxied in them provided the means of securing the cod to the back plate.

Shoulder Bells (Posted 1st November 2014)

Same process as before, sintra heated up and curved to provide shoulder armour. Press studs were glued to other side to fasten to the flak vest. I then painted it up, and used a combination of stencilling and freehand to paint the mandalorian symbol on the left piece.

Knee Pads (Posted 31st October 2014)

I used sintra to form the majority of the armour pieces, including the knee pads. I heatgunned the curve and layered up the peaks. Then copious bondoing of the seams I glued, I hit it with paint. I used pens and miscellaneous plastic tubes for the missiles and then epoxied elastic straps around the back of them.

Girth Belt (Posted 20th September 2014)

I got some burgundy rope, cut it into lengths and sewed them together. Then I sewed buckles to the ends and threaded some nylon strapping through for a cheap under belt.

Shin Tools (Posted 23rd July 2014)

A common trend in this build, these tools were made out of layered cardboard, again strengthened with resin and smoothed out with car filler. The tubes were made of spare pieces of dowel with headphone jack adapters plugged in one end.

Helmet (Posted 5th April 2014)

I built the helmet out of cardboard and reinforced it with fibreglass. With copious car fillering, I was able to shape out imperfections and paint it up to reference material. I've installed lights in the rangefinder which flash when in the down position, a hearing aid system to hear outside the helmet and fans to keep me cool.