Costume :Sonic the Hedgehog
Variant :Gijinka
Source :Sonic the Hedgehog
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Reference image from Sonic Boom TV series

Ring Necklace (ear-rings not a part of the cosplay)

Main Reference 2

Main Reference


Costume Information

Been chatting with MizukiiMoon from deviantART and we've now made an awesome plan to cosplay as Sonic and Tails at Summer of Sonic 2014 (whenever they announce it). She will be going as Tails and I'll be going as Sonic. Found me a nice simple design on deviantART and I'll be working from that design. Only real challenge will be the shoes but the rest I could probably find in charity shops and then modify where needed.

Gonna also be including the scarf as well from his Sonic Boom design as I think that's quite cool :)


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To-Do List

Ring necklaceMediumComplete
Chaos EmeraldLowComplete
Snood Scarf (as worn in Sonic Boom)LowComplete
Inner vest (shirt)LowPlanned
Arm bandageLowPlanned
Outer vest (jacket)LowPlanned

Shopping List

Ring Necklace£4.50Bought
Snood Scarf (as worn in Sonic Boom)£3.95Bought