Costume :Viola
Source :Pokemon X and Y
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Possible wig ?

Scan reference

ref - side close

ref - front

ref - side


Costume Information

As soon as I saw Viola in the game I felt that she was basically me lmao.
Loves photography, has blonde hair, & for some reason I seem to use bug pkmn a lot ?? So yep lmao. Heck one of my fave pkmn is Butterfree uwu

Planning on doing this for Alcon whoa uwu


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Wig ?? (Posted 12th November 2014)

I'm considering using my Rin wig for Viola, because I think I could clip it up at the back with her clip, and it has curls uwu Otherwise it's going to take me F O R E V E R to find a wig that'll work ;w;

The wig (Posted 28th February 2014)

Alright, so I've been considering the wig a lot (how can I not. I mean. thAT HAIR JEEZ) and the barrette clip at the back.

I'm thinking, maybe a Medusa (Soul Eater) wig is a possibility, but I am going to look around Leeds first for wigs and maybe check more online places. Problem with Medusa is the fringe and the back (what if it is not long enough at the back / can't get the flicks to go down hm)

For the barrette clip, I could do what I did for my Amu clips - a plain hair clip (or heck maybe a plain barrette) with the design on foam stuck onto it.

The rest of the outfit is pretty simple I think; gonna have to see if I wanna use light yellow paint on my brows when I get a wig, depending on the colour. For the pockets, if I need to add them it should be pretty simple! I did inside pockets before and I think regular ones are probably easier tbh haha. I doubt I'll find any trousers with pockets as big as that ;D