Costume :Korra
Source :The legend of Korra
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :London MCM Expo Comic Con May 2014

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Costume Information

This is going to be my first cosplay I make myself, let's see how it goes.


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To-Do List

Buy Bias BindingHighComplete
Fur TrimHighComplete
Buy FabricsHighComplete
Brown, White & Blue Fabric PaintHighComplete
Blue Circle LensesMediumComplete
White ElasticMediumComplete
Front SkirtMediumComplete
Arm BandMediumIn Progress
Back SkirtLowComplete
Hair PiecesLowComplete
SleevesLowIn Progress

Shopping List

White Paint£2.99Bought
Blue Paint£2.99Bought
Brown Paint£3.00Bought
Fur Trim£14.97Bought
Dark Blue Stretch Wool£4.50Bought
Dark Blue Bias Binding£1.95Bought
White Bias Binding£3.90Bought
Dark Blue Lycra£5.00Bought
Brown Fleece£10.00Bought
Light Blue Lycra£14.00Bought
Circle Lens: Pretty Crystal Blue£14.82Bought
Craft Foam£1.50Bought
White Elastic£4.00Bought


Circle Lenses (Posted 15th April 2014)

They came today, I'm just waiting for the solution to come so I can't try them on just yet.

Circle Lenses (Posted 3rd April 2014)

They have been ordered.
As for the rest of the cosplay, I've been really busy lately but luckily it's just the little things left.

Boots and Trousers Complete (Posted 13th March 2014)

So now, the whole bottom half of this cosplay is complete. I apologise for the photo quality, the lighting was very bad.
I finished the other boot and I took in the trousers because they were too baggy.

Boots (Posted 12th March 2014)

I finished with one boot. I'll do the other one tomorrow.

Skirt (Posted 12th March 2014)

It's fully completed now that I've sewn the fur trim on. Now I'm covered in this fur and I never have good reactions with it. Let me take a shower before my eyes go red.

Make Up Test (Posted 11th March 2014)

How do you wear makeup for a character who doesn't wear any? I'm good with the results, however.
The first picture I have my hair up in all the tubes, sorry you can't see the main ponytail. Right now you're gonna have to deal with my curls because I can't be bothered to straighten my hair for a make up test, also, badly photoshopped eyes because I don't have the contacts yet.

Hair Pieces Completed (Posted 10th March 2014)

Craft foam, tape, blue fabric, tacky glue, white shoe laces and hot glue. Oh, and white paint on the inside. It took 3 months to make this because I'm lazy.
I might do a make up test tomorrow with these.
I've already started work with the boots but, again, I'm lazy so what should take me 2 days is taking me a week.
Pray that I get the motivation to finish this within this month.

Almost There (Posted 8th March 2014)

The rest of my materials needed came today so all I have to do is finish the cosplay, then I'll order circle lenses.
I can't work on it today because I have work.

Trousers (Posted 7th March 2014)

I bought hospital scrubs and they seem to work out fine. A bit on the baggy side but I can take them in.

Nearly Finished (Posted 4th March 2014)

I Just ordered everything else I need for this cosplay minus the contact lenses.

Arm Band (Posted 1st March 2014)

I've finished sewing the base and I'm going to paint on the details. I just need to wait until pay day so I can buy some fabric paint along with everything else of the cosplay.

Shirt (Posted 28th February 2014)

I finished sewing the shirt at 3am. I totally lost track of the time and now my sleeping pattern is ruined... Oh well.

Collar (Posted 26th February 2014)

I'm gonna keep the shirt I made because it's totally un-noticable when it's short.
I've sewed on the collar and the white part on it, I'll finish the arms off tomorrow because I'm falling asleep on my sewing machine.

Shirt (Posted 25th February 2014)

I'm not happy with my shirt, it's too short especially when i tried to sew on the collar. Let me try this again. At least I have enough fabric.

So Far (Posted 24th February 2014)

I haven't done anything to the shirt since my last journal post.
Today I made the sleeves, and the front & back skirt. The sleeves need to be lined with white elastic and the skirt needs fur.
I'm proud of my first time sewing :)

Shirt (Posted 20th February 2014)

I've finished sewing the base of the shirt. All I have left is the collar and the white piping.
For my first time sewing, this went rather well :)

Fabric (Posted 19th February 2014)

I finally got around to buying the fabric I need :)
Check my Shopping List to see a list of which fabric I bought.

Hair Pieces Update (Posted 13th January 2014)

Still a WIP, but I remade them so they are stronger.

Hair Pieces WIP (Posted 10th December 2013)

Made from craft foam. I might scrap this and use milkshake straws instead. All I need is the fabric to cover these and some white trim.

Boots (Posted 8th December 2013)

I bought a pair of fake Uggs but they were too short so I lengthened them with craft foam. I just need to get some fur, brown fabric and to paint the soles brown.