Costume :Harley Quinn
Variant :Pirate
Source :DC Comics
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Pirate hat

Pirate boots

Pirate Accessories


Completed Top

Pirate Tutu Skirt

Pirate Design


Costume Information

A pirate inspired version to wear at DeeCon 2014.


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To-Do List

Make corset out of black topHighComplete
Make tutu skirtHighComplete
Buy black fingerless fishnet glovesHighComplete
Fix and alter pirate hatHighComplete
Find white top in atticHighComplete
Make black eye maskHighComplete
Buy red ribbons for corsetHighComplete
Hair and make-up testHighPlanned
Buy make-upHighPlanned
Sew red diamond shapes onto corsetHighPlanned
Buy red and black telescopeLowPlanned

Shopping List

Black Fingerless Fishnet Gloves£1.99Bought
Black Fishnet Stockings£3.99Bought
2m Red Ribbon£0.20Bought
Black craft leather for mask£3.60Bought
Black and Red Dress Net£9.00Bought
Prosthetic adhesive£4.33To Buy
Red and Black Telescope£4.44To Buy
White Face Make-Up£3.99To Buy


Accessories (Posted 10th March 2014)

Found my pirate hat, which needs to be fixed and altered, pirate sword, red and black striped knee-high socks and red and black pearl necklaces. I still need to find my pirate pistol which is lurking around somewhere...

Mask (Posted 20th February 2014)

I drew a template onto paper, cut it out and placed it on the leather where I drew around it on the leather with a sharpy. I then cut it out. Ta da!

Leather (Posted 20th February 2014)

Leather pieces arrived today.

Top (Posted 15th February 2014)

Well I found my white under top and I'm currently sewing the straps onto the red top. After that I can start on the black corset.

Top (Posted 15th February 2014)

Completed both parts of the top.

Top (Posted 12th February 2014)

I have a red top and a black top that I can alter. Two things I won't have to buy ;)

White Under Top (Posted 4th January 2014)

I already have the white top that goes under the red top and corset. One less thing to do... No wait, I have to find it first. It's either in the attic with the rest of my Spring/Summer clothes, or in my costume box on top of my wardrobe. At the back. Behind other boxes... Aww crap this is going to be a hassel eiter way!