Costume :Mimi Tachikawa
Variant :Cowboy outfit
Source :Digimon
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Reference :3

This is not me, but the costume!


Costume Information

Cost : £35
Time Taken : Bought it off someone online

Digimon God, I loved that show. Maybe even more than Pokemon *hides face*. I don't really know why, but I fell in love with Mimi anyway. It was nice too see how the "spolit brat" as many people call her, grows up and realises that it's not just about her.

I never seen her as a spolit brat, I loved her character. She was an only child, just like me so many that was why I could releate to her more.

I don't have a clue what sparked off my Digimon craze again but it was bad aha, went mad and started to look for everything on e-bay. Managed to buy a palmon watch which I wore for ages, it looks like it's dying now though, I'm not surpised because it is mega old, but retro aha.

I then went onto cosplay.com, and found someone was actually selling the costume :|, I bought it straight away! It's made by +.-.uzuki.-.+, it's an amazing costume, it's a tiny bit off but to be fair I wouldn't of even made a good job like that. I'm not going to edit it at all or alter, I'm leaving it the way it is. I'm going to try and get pictures soon I know I've said that a million times but I'm off school now so it will be easier. For now I'll post a photo of her wearing it as it is the same costume.


Thanks for your comment on my Sora, and I'd love to see photos of this!
And I totally agree...Sora and Matt are by no means a good match XD

by Hannah-Kiwii on Monday, 13 April, 2009 - 08:21
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Aww Mimi used to be my favourite girl too x i'd love to see this costume!

by Littlerascal92 on Monday, 13 April, 2009 - 10:43
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Awwh but Sora and Matt are the offical couple V_V, its in the Digimon manga, so not fair. YEY for Mimi lovers aha, everyone I talk to find her annoying V_V

by letmelive on Monday, 13 April, 2009 - 14:07

She's not at all annoying! She's really cute XD

by Hannah-Kiwii on Sunday, 3 May, 2009 - 18:24
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YEEEY! LOL I love her I'm glad I found someone else who likes her too :D

by letmelive on Sunday, 3 May, 2009 - 20:20

Yeah, I love her too...

Although I must admit I don't ship her with Matt XD ...although when you mention it, I suppose it COULD be kinda sweet...

by Hannah-Kiwii on Thursday, 7 May, 2009 - 14:51
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haha at a push rofl XD

by letmelive on Sunday, 10 May, 2009 - 21:56
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Awww, cute :D

by Sillabub on Wednesday, 15 July, 2009 - 09:45
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Thank you n_n!

by letmelive on Wednesday, 15 July, 2009 - 10:28
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Yay for Digimon love! Pokemon so overshadowed it but it was great X3 <3

You look adorable! I love this version of Mimi the most XD Looking forward to more piccies~

by Demented Kid on Wednesday, 15 July, 2009 - 13:01
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Thank you for saying I'm adorable but that isn't me in the photo >_

by letmelive on Wednesday, 15 July, 2009 - 13:38
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Aww your Mimi looks fantastic! *_*

by Jenangel on Friday, 4 September, 2009 - 10:10
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This is a brilliant Mimi you suit her very much :D

by jaks-kingdom-dwarf on Tuesday, 15 September, 2009 - 22:08
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mimi is my fav. girl from season one X3 and the costumes look so pretty and well made *_*~

by Kouji on Wednesday, 20 January, 2010 - 13:40
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Thank you but I can't take credit for this costume as it was bought and I have no photos of me in it quite yet XD!

by letmelive on Wednesday, 20 January, 2010 - 21:50
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I like this costume really! Love for light pink!!!!

by Naraku on Tuesday, 16 March, 2010 - 21:26
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The costume looks very well made! Perfect :D

by JustPeachy on Thursday, 14 July, 2011 - 14:42