Costume :Dust
Source :Dust: An Elysian Tail
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :MCM London Comic Con May 2015

Costume Photos

Dust's Hair!

Dust's Eyes!


Some paint!

Ahrah Blade : Lower Design

The Ahrah Blade

Dust Standing About


Costume Information

Possibly my next "big" cosplay after Teepo in 2014. While the clothes here are a bit more complex than Teepo's bodysuit, they don't appear to be anything too crazy. Of course, that assumption will no doubt change when I start tackling it. D:

The Ahrah Blade is going to be an odd thing to make. While it's certainly the smallest sword-like prop I'll have made up to now (being a one-hand sword as opposed to Aeon's clock... thing and Teepo's longsword), the blade is quite an odd shape, especially with those pronged fins at the top.


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I've never seen this design before but it looks super cool - really interested in how you're going to make the sword and the weird hat thing!

by InfiniteJester on Thursday, 19 December, 2013 - 10:56

Never seen this costume at a con before, the progress on this will be very interesting

by g123 on Saturday, 19 April, 2014 - 07:18
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Can't wait to see this 8) It's gonna be awesome!

by Darkiekun on Wednesday, 4 June, 2014 - 12:08
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Very cool design, This will be awesome to see!

by BlueberryTale on Wednesday, 7 January, 2015 - 11:42

To-Do List

Make the HatHighComplete
Plan/Build swordHighPlanned
Find tutorials for tail, boot covers and earsLowPlanned
Find patterns for clothesLowPlanned

Shopping List

Fabric | Dust's Outfit / Fidget Doll!£96.00Bought
Worbla (A4 Sheet) | Cape Clasp£7.00Bought
Torch | "Ambitious Plan #1"£5.00Bought
Black paint (spray) | Hat£8.00Bought
Wefts | Dust's Hair ( Packs Ordered: 11 )£59.00Bought
Styrofoam | Hat, Ahrah Blade£0.00To Buy
??? | Gemstone (sword hilt)£0.00To Buy
Wiring, blue LEDs, plastic | "Ambitious Plan #1"£0.00To Buy
Other paint | Sword£0.00To Buy


Boom. (Posted 20th April 2015)

It needs some tidying up here and there, but I finally got the hair styled! Sure, the head is basically evidence that Art was my weakest subject at school, but that's what the hat's for! Here's hoping the ears are big enough!

Back to the hair! (Posted 16th April 2015)

Ten and a half weft packs later, Dust has a full head of hair. This three-kilo behemoth (the foam/fur head and the hair combined) is certainly the heaviest thing I've made for a cosplay but, with quite a lot of hair cutting to do in the styling process, I'm sure that weight will go back down a bit!

My very own "Elysian Tail"! (Posted 5th April 2015)

Tail. Get it? Finally got around to sewing up the tail. Still have to put the kinks into it so it'll curl slightly away from the floor and stuff it, but still. Another little thing done.

[HAIR EXPENSE INTENSIFIES] (Posted 2nd April 2015)

Now I'm REALLY beginning to realise just how much hair is on Dust's head. I'm pondering whether to style it in sections (with the back first, before dealing with the front) or style the whole thing once it's done, though I'm leaning towards the former.

Anyway, four weft packs done, another three ordered from Coscraft. The madness continues!

The tense bit! Volume 1 (Posted 24th March 2015)

This took quite a lot of pondering but, after a lot of decision-making on where they should actually go, I took the plunge and glued Dust's ears into place. While I might have to hand-stitch them down in order to make them more secure, there's only a handful of things left to do in order to finish off the head-and-hat combo!

- Cutting holes in the hat for the ears to (hopefully) poke through
- Applying wefts to the head to form Dust's hair
- Fitting the fan to the inside of the head (and make sure it works)

Sword, Fidget and Eyes, oh my! (Posted 14th March 2015)

These are probably the most infuriating things right now. :D

Fidget is going to go one of two ways. The first idea is that I make the Fidget doll; a somewhat small-sized version of her that I'll carry about, perhaps peering out of a pocket or somesuch. The second, however, is rather more ambitious. Idea #2 is where I go big, make a "full-sized" version of Fidget (my estimates would put her at nearly a foot and a half tall, when compared to my height) and SOMEHOW mount her against my shoulder so that she'll be flying behind me. Of course, both ideas hinge on me being able to make a Fidget doll in the first place.

The sword... well, that's come to a standstill as I'm trying to figure out the wiring. Electrical engineering was one of the many many subjects I didn't take while in college.

And the eyes. Those are sort of progressing and the style of eyes I use depends entirely on which I get done to an acceptable standard first.

In more minor news, I'm currently trying to judge how big Dust's ears should be. They have to be big enough to poke up through his hat like in the game. Once his ears are measured out, furred up and stuck in place, I can then get on with the more precarious jobs of cutting the holes in the hat and tackling his hair.

A lot of stuff to do! D:

Slowly... (Posted 7th March 2015)

It's coming together, even if my schedule's suffering setbacks (paints on back-order, sewing machine stuck behind clutter and so on). I'm hoping that, once the furring/lining's all done, the fan's fitted (and hopefully not carving up my hair), the eyes are finished and glued in and Dust actually has a head of hair plus a pair of ears, it'll look a whole lot better.

Actual Progress! (Posted 26th February 2015)

The hat's just about done, minus holes for the ears (which haven't been made yet) and I've started lining the inside of the head. However, that won't actually get done until I've checked if there's enough space for a fan in there.

Even in it's incomplete state, it looked pretty damn good seeing Dust's head/hat on me in the mirror. I can only imagine how it'll look when it's done and I have the rest of the cosplay to go with it. :D

Another day, another bag of stuff! (Posted 23rd February 2015)

With about £100 worth of fabric and fur now sitting in bags, I have just about everything I need for this cosplay. Thankfully, I have the hat, sword and head to do until I get to a sewing machine. :D

Hat's almost there! (Posted 15th February 2015)

As I haven't got around to going out to Abakhan to get the materials for Dust's head, I thought I'd focus on the hat for a bit. From the basic shape, I hotglued a layer of craft foam across the whole thing in order to try and strengthen what's otherwise just pretty flimsy upholstery foam.

On the underside, there's currently a series of craft foam strips acting as supports. I'm currently wondering whether to craft foam the whole of the underside as well or leave it as it is.

Anyway, from here, I'll be gessoing the whole thing until it's a smooth surface. Then it'll all be spraypainted black and the turquoise fabric will be attached to and draped over the sides.

Heading up the process... (Posted 11th February 2015)

While they both look untidy and are nothing more than uncovered foam, the basic shapes for Dust's head and hat are pretty much done now. It'll most likely be the hat, head and sword first, then everything else.

It begins! (Posted 21st January 2015)

Having just taken a trip to the epic Abakhan in Wales and bought a sack of various fabrics for both Dust and the Fidget doll (FOREVVVERRR... >:) ), I think it's safe to say this is no longer just "Planned". :D